Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


Great stuff mgl.

Regarding Draymond. I enjoyed watching Draymond play at MSU. Great player, but how brainwashed is Draymond by Izzo? He spent 4 years with Izzo and was only a second round pick. He spent 4 years with NBA coaches and becomes a top 10 player in the world. Yet he still thinks Izzo is the greatest?


There is a pretty obvious discrepancy between how far Beilein progresses guy’s games in comparison to Izzo. And Beilein does it in the name of something closely resembling where the NBA is/is moving.


SUCH a good job of stopping the ball in transition yesterday.

We begged for it from the stands and our guys DID it. They did a great job with that.


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When he wanted to be unstoppable, he was unstoppable. I quietly think he got financial guarantees from Draymond to stay, but now dude NEEDS TO GO.


“It is likely he was fooled/manipulated into” staying. I absolutely agree. I believe Izzo works very hard to convince his players to stay, even when it’s economically advantageous for them to go. I believe Coach B works very hard to help his players weigh all options and make the best choice, for them.


Maybe the best evidence of this is comparing Tum Tum and Zavier. Out of high school both are top 100 tiny slashing/defensive guards with zero jumpshot. Zavier was ranked a bit higher, but he’s turned into one of the best points in the B10 as a sophomore and Tum Tum is basically a net negative as a senior.


He was a clear cut top 10 pick (before workouts/combine obviously) last year. Now it’s a split between top 10 and top 15. So he cost himself an entire year of earning a few million dollars. Plus, the higher you get picked, the more committed your franchise is going to be to you. So you buy yourself a little more time the higher you are drafted. Easier to trade or cut the 15th pick than it is a top 10.

He got a regular season title, so maybe it was worth it for him to stay in his opinion, which is what really matters. But it would be silly for Jackson to come back unless he wants another go at a national title (assuming they don’t win this year).


I’ve seen tons of mocks where he ends up at 8 or 9, right where he would’ve been. He could have scored 25 PPG and he wouldn’t go higher than that because there’s 6-7 awesome players in the draft this year.

But agreed that if JJJ stays then someone needs to check if Izzo is blackmailing.


Also apparently Bridges made a comment about not wanting to end his career 1-3 against Michigan so MSU fans are going crazy thinking he’s staying again. Which would be unbelievably dumb by him.


Before Bridges makes a decision, I think Bridges would be wise to watch film of Iggy, Johns, DeJulius and then do the math. One win and three losses is better than one win and five or six losses. Someone send that young man some highlight videos, so he can put this chapter behind him. It is only going to get worse from here.


At that point, someone who loves him would need to take him aside. Or there needs to be an investigation of the financial guarantees he’s getting.


Must imagine that he and his handlers are chafing after yesterday.



Just watched the BTN in 60 of the PU game. I felt this way before and I feel this way even more now. We owe Rutgers a tip of the cap. PU didn’t look fatigued at all, in say, the 2nd half against PSU, but 3 games in 3 days showed up a little on them yesterday (along with our outstanding in your shirt defense). I wonder if it didn’t ultimately hurt PU that Rutgers took them to the wire in an end to end balls to the wall full of awesomeness battle on Friday. Edwards, in particular, seemed a little off after having been forced to play superhero. Further, imagine if Rutgers had just rolled over and PU had faced a fetal position Rutgers and completely gassed PSU on their way to us. Their advantage would have been enormous. Instead, Rutgers gave them everything they could handle and almost then some. Thank you, Rutgers.


Simpson strutting after his assist on Teske’s slam in the second half was pretty epic lol. Someone needs to make a gif of that.


big mood, part two

— Ace Anbender (@AceAnbender) March 5, 2018


Those are amazing. I’m so happy that the Zavier GIF exists.


Did anyone else notice the difference when Izzo spoke to the press about what they would do during the time off before the start of the NCAA Tournament and what Coach B said. Wow! Coach Izzo: “Yeah, ahhh, we got a lotta time off.” With that little rasp, woe is me sound in his voice. “I don’t know, ahhh, what we’re gonna do. The good thing is, ahhh, we’re on spring break. Maybe we’ll go to, ahhh, Detroit and catch a Piston’s game as a team, or go to Chicago and see Zell(?) play. Ahhh, maybe we’ll go lay on the beach in East Lansing. Yeah, ahhh, I don’t know what we’re gonna do.” I mean WHAT THE HECK! The BEACH in East Lansing? There isn’t even a lake in East Lansing! Maybe he meant lay out along the banks of the Red Cedar. Then Coach B: “We’re gonna get better!” We’re gonna work hard. We won’t practice everyday, maybe two days then a day off, some minicamps, work on free throw shooting. We’re gonna get better!" Night AND day! One guy babbling, seemingly without a clue. The other guy has a plan. I’m glad our guy is the one with the plan. I’m glad Coach B is our guy!


Assuming he means Denzel Valentine.