Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread

Bracket is set

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Favorite time of year :slight_smile: now if only they could add Little Cesar’s Arena to the rotation.

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Figured I’d wait for you to start this one.

Iowa could be a little scary if they really do carry over any momentum from today.

I’m going - bought my tickets early in the second half of Penn State turtling.

Don’t mean to be overly optimistic, just hopeful, but I got

2 tix, floor seats behind the basket but off to the side, 19 rows up for our initial game

2 tix, same seats for I hope us against Nebraska

2 tix for the semis, cornerish, 4 rows up

don’t know if I dare get championship tickets

I’ll be the fat guy after putting on 30 pounds of winter padding (I hate winter) screaming frighteningly loud for our team (as a former college singer, I’ve got some crazy lungs)



Oh, and the championship game is on my birthday, so…




You go, guy. Enjoy the heck out of it.


When is the big ten awards show?

Let’s hope for a very happy birthday! I’d sing happy birthday to you, I do a really good rendition :grinning:, but I’d be too intimidated to sing happy birthday to a former college singer! Hey, have a great time and know that you represent a GREAT Michigan fan base here at Umhoops. Go Blue!!!

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While UM of course wants to win it all, seems like a good baseline goal is to win two games and get passed Nebraska. This would avenge our loss to the Huskers and hopefully keep us at no lower than the 6 line, which is a nice place to be.

Any preferences between Illinois and Iowa? They are 1-spot apart in kenpom and 3 in the RPI, so it might not matter much.


I’d prefer Iowa, just because Brad Underwood is twice the coach that Fran is and we seemed to struggle with their pressure defense in our first match up.

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On the other hand, Michigan owns Illinois in the BTT. Nice little recent past history, even though Underwood obviously wasn’t part of that ha.

I think I agree. Generally I’d rather play the bad team we didn’t already play twice, but I have a somewhat easier time seeing Illinois upset us than Iowa.

A lot of Michigan talk in the article. They get the “Probably better than its seed” and “Best chance to be a Cinderella” distinctions

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It turned out pretty well last time Michigan was a 5 seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

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Those numbers show us at about a 2 to 1 favorite over Nebraska. Anyone know what that means for the point spread?

Good resource here


Tim Miles is going after KenPom on twitter.

Now we need to destroy Nebraska in the name of advanced analytics


Hmmm, Nebraska is ranked higher in Kenpom then they are in the RPI. Don’t get his beef in this instance.

It was a 3-part tweet. Basically kenpom predicted at various points that Nebraska wouldn’t do well this year and then they did much better than kenpom predicted. The first tweet says "I love @kenpomeroy and sometimes his computer . . . " Basically joking that he was going to be fired based on predictions but now maybe not so much.

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