Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


I think there’s actually something to be said about the entire country paying attention to Michigan’s 3-0 run so far…


Up to 10 on Kenpom now. 35th on offense and 6th on defense.


Who are you guys rooting for in the PSU vs. Purdue game?


Gotta be PSU. Id love a shot at Purdue and a win vs them would be better for seeding; but I want the back-to-back B1G Tournament Championships even more, and I think we have a better shot at taking down PSU


I have long thought that Izzo stifles players, especially freshmen. Doesn’t want them to get too good too soon. He also rides them and berates them for every mistake they make. I seriously think that he has anger management issues.


By the way - that McQuaid smacked the floor twice and we scored on both possessions.

Swear to god our PPP is 2.5 when Sparty smacks the floor.




Is Chambers just stupid or what? Tony Carr definitely pushed off. No question is was an offensive foul, and he gets a tech “defending his player?” There was nothing to defend. It was an offensive foul on Carr, no question, and he gets all over the official and gets a tech. Who does he think he is, Tom Izzo?


We 1-1? Seriously? When did they get their win, 'cause, guess what? They didn’t! And next year? Does that mean you are coming back so Izzo can lower your draft stock even more?


He tweeted that last year when we split (they won a close one in Breslin, we destroyed them in Crisler).


This is true. I’ve actually seen it personally, not just on TV, there, too, but in person, in practice. I’ve seen it.


@silverblue that tweet was in response to Derrick Walton commenting on Bridges’ decision to stay last spring.


I’m technologically challenged! Didn’t realize it was last year, still…Hmmm, how about NEXT year, Miles? I’m not usually this mean, but I’m kinda jacked right now! Thanks, Jem and Geoff, you’ve got to help an old guy out! :rofl:


Thanks for the clarification…Bridges is gone i believe?


I think so, too. He’s doesn’t want to come back and get smacked by the Blue again! I guess there are a few million other reasons, too! :grinning:


It was great to see CM knock down 2 three and overall is playing better on offense. There is no question his D and rebounding are strong.


I though this MSU team played tight. Too much pressure on Bridges.


Carson Edwards is really good. I think he’s actually the best player in the conference. Will be interesting to see how we defend him tomorrow. Simpson has been great at covering PG’s but pretty clear that Edwards is much higher on the priority list to slow down than Thompson is for Purdue.


I’ve wanted another shot at Purdue all season. Nothing to lose. Insane string of quality wins if we get it. Purdue had to shoot historically great against us twice to beat us. Let’s see if they can do it again.