Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


Seeing what Langford has turned into is really sad. He is a guy who made a huge mistake by going to MSU. He could have been an NBA prospect.


Had to run to the main concourse to buy tickets for my birthday! Wasn’t cheap, but we’ll have pretty decent tickets tomorrow.

Hard to say anything intelligent about that. We seemed like the better team throughout. Z straight up whipped Winston’s rear end.

Going into half it was like, I mean, we missed 8-9 great looks from 3, let’s just settle down and beat these dudes.

Livers gave me a huge high five on the way off the court at half. Moe big timed me hardcore, lol. I still screamed to him, “Moe, chill. You GOT THIS!”

I don’t think it made much of an impression. I just completely lost my voice in the desperate overtime against Iowa, but we still got the crowd going pretty well. They gave us a ton to cheer about, and we responded at the right times. Just a great day.


This is SO true. Made a terrible decision not coming here. John Beilein could have MADE him. The angry dwarf has ruined him.

@buckets12, I just don’t know if we can stop Edwards, He’s a tasmanian devil. Our guards will be able to shoot over PJ, but I don’t know about driving by him. He really moves his feet well. Hope Coach B has something epic up his sleeve.


I agree. Josh Langford is a pretty quiet, humble kid, not the kind of player that I think responds well to Izzo’s in your face style. He’s much more a Beilein kind of kid. In addition, Coach B develops talent so much better than Izzo does. Langford would be so much better off at Michigan with Coach B. Damn that Tyus Battle!


I would be seriously looking to transfer if I was Josh. He is forced to stay for 4 years anyway. He might as well go rebuild his stock.


That was one of the dumbest techs I’ve ever seen a coach take. Shameful. I already question Chambers. Everyone in the arena could feel the whole vibe change when he took that tech. I left at half, not surprised PSU hit a wall.


Where you at @therealmirman ?


Oh man, I am just out of camera. Feet away from what they caught.


Do I have to get out of here since I think Bridges should be a lotto pick?


Haha. I just don’t see wasting that high of a pick on him.

I saw someone who got blown out by his rival last year. Then this year, at home and in the tournament, with more pure talent, loses by double digits twice. I’m sorry but that’s terrible if you’re supposed to be the leader of that team. Speaks volumes about him in my opinion.

Look at today. He settled all first half for long jumpers. In a big intense game, you’re going to do that?? You don’t want to get in the paint and try to take over early? “Get the hell outta here” haha.


You guys have put out some awesome content and articles today, but I was just wondering if we should expect a game recap, Dylan. I know it’s super hard having to write the recaps and a preview for games on 4 straight days, but I also always appreciate your insight after each opponent. Thanks, as always.


Yeah I’m not gonna say he should drop in the draft because he lost to Michigan 3 times but thats just me. He’s not gonna be a superstar but he could be a solid role player which is really all you can ask for if you’re not picking top 5. He’s developed some decent dibble moves, if he was properly deployed as he should be at the 4 he would be doing even better I would guess.

And look what you’ve done, you’ve got me defending Sparty haha


Haha yeah tough side to take.

I’m not questioning his talent as much as his mindset. I’m not knocking him for the losses. I’m more saying that’s one VERY weak mindset and lack of leadership. I’ll take the lesser talented assassin mindset over a talker who plays weak. (Talent relative to 1st rounders)


I pin alot of Bridges’ struggles on Izzo. Him playing exclusively the 3 so that Goins and Schilling can play next to Jaren is insane. There’s no spacing. When they finally went to him at the 4, he had two buckets and an assist instantly. He’s far from the perfect player but MSU’s list of problems go:

  1. Cassius Winston can’t guard his own shadow
  2. Izzo plays Goins, Schilling and Tillman more than he plays Ward and Jackson
  3. there is zero depth at the guard positions

Before I would blame Bridges for their struggles. And by “struggles” really we just mean they can’t beat Michigan :slight_smile: 29-2 vs all others. 0-2 vs the good guys.


Just got home and watching the game after a day of kid soccer. From the 3:59 mark Izzo knows he is going down. And even though they’re only up six, Michigan’s players are totally confident the game is theirs. The evolution of this team has been nothing short of amazing.

EDIT: Didn’t see Izzo’s postgame presser, but I found a transcript. Guy is always graceful in defeat (/s):


So should we have a de facto homecourt advantage tomorrow? Or does PU also have a lot of fans in the New York area?


We will have a massive home court advantage. Just hope our kids have the legs for a team that plays as hard and fast as PU. Penn State was just gassed, but PU’s second half was still pretty sobering.

Only way crowd isn’t at least 8-1 is if some bitter sparties show to root against us. Should still be hugely in our favor if the team can go punch for punch with PU.

PU fans who were there today were very nice people. Honestly, even the sparties in my section weren’t horrible. Course, in the 2nd half they were getting humbled!


It may be the sentimental part of me but after we beat Iowa and saw Wagner’s family was there I thought, “I sure hope we make the finals because if they came this far I hope they at least get to see 4 games!”


I’m a little tired of Izzo…

As Tom Izzo said after Michigan State lost, 75-64, in the semis of the Big Ten tournament Saturday afternoon:

" … maybe, I don’t know, (Beilein or their staff) figured out at the end of the day you gotta check people well to win."


He is such a petty man. Here he lets out a choreographed laugh and pretends like a lucky shot was a major key to Michigan’s victory: “I guess the good shot,” in reference to MAAR’s last three.

I’ve never seen a coach so consistently make excuses for his own failures.