Big Ten Tournament Discussion Thread


I’m going to give 3 “get the hell outta heres”:

  1. Get the hell outta here if you think Winston is better than Simpson.

  2. Get the hell outta here if Bridges is a lotto pick. He’s the next Xavier Henry in the NBA.

  3. Get the hell outta here if MSU deserves a higher seed than Michigan. Both should be a 4 and Michigan should be higher on the S curve.


We just shot 33 free throws to MSU’s 10. We got 36 rebounds to MSU’s 33.


I am convinced you are our good luck charm in NYC. Need me to set up a GoFundMe for your ticket tomorrow?


If we beat Purdue we should be a 3 seed and you can’t convince me otherwise


Can I add a get the hell out of here if you think Tom Izzo is a better coach than John Beilien?


UM is good – and they know it.
Once again, Simpson >>>>>> Winston.
Wagner >>>>> Ward.
Great game from Robinson, Rakhman, and Matthews.
Oh yeah, and JB (and assistants) >>>>> Izzo


Amen to that! Let’s make it 4 “get the hell outta heres”!


I honestly will donate $75 to a fund to get therealmirman fed and pampered,

I am not joking. Tell me where to Paypal it to.


I can’t believe how little Izzo gets out of a team with that much talent. I am not sold on them going into the tournament.


By the way, Michigan is STILL undefeated on weekend games this year!


Embarrassing loss for Izzo. He got schooled today.

UofM was the better team.


Terrible last 3/5 of the first half and won comfortably. Great win. Hope they lose one of the first couple rounds so Izzo can retire on a sour note with his second most talented team ever


Get the hell outta here if you don’t think John Beilein is the BEST COACH in Michigan! And a whole bunch of other states, too! OK, now that I’m caught up on the thread, I probably should take this down, but I’m NOT going to! It needs to be said over and over and over, again!


Another fun fact: Michigan has now beaten the regular season big ten champ, three straight years in the big ten tournament. Indiana, Purdue, msu.


Another retirement watch from Beilein like Pitino got.


M is better than MSU.


  • Izzo costs his players millions.

  • Beilein makes his players millions.


It is amazing how well our kids play TOGETHER! No, it isn’t, because we have Coach B! MSU tried to have Bridges take over. He couldn’t! Then they had McQuaid try to save the game for them with threes. He couldn’t. EVERY ONE of our kids played together, shared the ball, stayed connected on D and played TEAM basketball on BOTH ends! Every one of them contributed. GO BLUE!!!


Coach B develops players, they grow, improve.

Great win and the better team won !