Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


"The second thing is, some of you are going to transfer. You don’t know it yet, but whatever you do—don’t come see me. Just shoot me a text, because I’m tired of looking at you.

And we got rid of some guys we needed to get rid of. We got rid of problems, but we kept solutions…"

  1. “Just shoot me a text, because I’m tired of looking at you” is a pretty terrible way for a mentor to treat a young kid who feels that a different path is better for them going forward.

  2. Throwing a bunch of kids under a bus? Gross.


Perhaps just as bad as him were the bloggers at eleven warriors applauding him and saying he “got his swag back.”

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Breakdown of some notable newcomers



Thought this was fairly comprehensive. While I acknowledge that the difference between OSU and Mich could be a coin flip this year, I think we should come in at #5. That nit being picked, though, I think Miller is right when saying that Michigan is the biggest wildcard of the B1G, which is ironic considering we return 5 starters.

He lost me a little with the Purdue evaluation; it seems like Purdue should just slide Haas into Hammon’s role and let him play as much as his conditioning/fouling lets him, though I do envy their variety of possible lineups. I’d still have Indiana ahead of Purdue, though.

Also seems like a bit of hyperbole to say that Wisky, MSU, Indiana, and Purdue are “head and shoulders above” everyone else, but I also wouldnt argue that those should be considered the top 4 teams, heading into the season.

Had no idea Sparty plays Arizona, Kentucky, AND Duke. I hope they get exposed, but Im mostly glad to get a barometer for what they will bring to B1G conference play. Knowing Izzo, they will be fine by February.

This article makes me 1) excited for the coming season: I think we have a relatively high floor, and a top 4 ceiling. A healthy Zak (as mentioned in the article) and improved Mo could make a world of difference. And 2) Im still REALLY hoping for a wing grad transfer. If there’s anyway to bring Duncan off the bench and slide Zak to the 3, that grad transfer would be huge.