Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


My wife is a diehard IU fan, so I’ve watched a lot of Troy Williams. Someone will draft him solely on the basis of his tremendous athleticism, but I’m not sure how successful he’ll be in the NBA because he needs skill development and game knowledge. That said, I’m not sure there’s any point to him staying in school because I don’t think he’s going to get any of that from Crean, who seems to be terrible at developing players.


Kendrick Nunn dismissed at Illinois.



Make room for Nigel. Nigel has decided to return to Wisconsin. Should be one of the favorites in the B1G.



Troy Williams leaving


Whoa…didn’t see that one happening. Though I wasn’t sure how Troy/Blackmon would do together but I guess that means OG might get more shots.


I am not sure they can repeat but they still have a nice group returning with Blackmon/OG/Johnson/Bryant/Hartman. If they find a freshman that can make a contribution they will be fine.


Great recap of all of the roster movement


Justin Jackson to Maryland


Nice run for Maryland getting Trimble back, big time commit and they already have Huerter in the recruiting class.


Threw together a little Power Rankings after the NBA Draft deadline… Should hopefully generate some discussion.


I think the big question with Indiana will be PG play. Is Blackmon going to take over? Is he going to create for others or just chuck for himself? How will the loss of Yogi affect Thomas Bryant’s offensive production?

Yogi made that team go. Defending IU got a LOT easier without him.


I honestly do not get the hype for Indiana. I just do not think they have a proven leader on offense. Like JBlair said Blackmon really wasn’t the dog of the offense he shot for himself.


The torture never stops. I love Jackson. Was really hoping he’d go to Oregon. I wonder if we ever enquired late.


Your analysis of Rutgers reminded me of “A League of Their Own” when the black and white film was introducing the players…“And how about Marla Hooch…what a hitter!”

Guess there’s just not much to say about them lol


It’s the worst part of writing power rankings every week… Especially in season when I like to do more analytical stuff… Getting to the end and looking at Rutgers and just not having the heart to even try to come up with something.


Hey Dylan: was wondering if you could offer some calculated speculation as to what the staff’s options/preferences are for filling one or both of the open scholarships. Definitely wish “Michigan” was getting thrown around with the names of more grad transfers, and seems that it would be very JB-like to also be looking at 2016 late bloomers.

Just hoping you know something(s) the rest of us dont.


I am sure that Dylan knows lots of stuff that the rest of us don’t, but I don’t know if he has that information.

My guess is that Beilein wants to fill at least one of those spots and probably has a specific plan. If he can accomplish it or not is another matter.


Charles Buggs leaving Minnesota