Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


I think I confused him with another unlv transfer then. One was a sf from b more. Derrick jones I’m sorry.


Dwayne morgan



JB is emphasizing that they are looking to add an impact player to the team. The real question is who with no crazy options out there


Kostas on an official to Purdue. Dang, I hope they don’t get him. Has a lot of potential.


Might be some movement with Minnesota after this news.


Wow. It seems Illinois and Minnesota are battling to see who can have the most off the court issues this year.


LG Gill to Maryland



Deyonta is quoted as saying the goal was always 1 and done.



I personally don’t see him as a good nba pg. if I’m drafting I’m not taking him first round.


It seems like a lot of the B10 early entrants fared poorly at the combine. Trimble, Hayes, Troy Williams, and Swanigan made Draft Express’s list of 11 underclass men who should strongly considering returning to school.


Here’s the link… as @Alum05 mentioned… a lot of Big Ten names here: Nigel Hayes, Melo Trimble, Troy Williams, Caleb Swanigan.


Melo Trimble himself said he is leaning towards staying in the draft. I hope he does so, one less team to worry about!


Out of that group I think Hayes and swanigan could end up making teams and possibly having a future impact. I like Williams and he’s a great athlete but there a lot of great athletes in the nba. I wonder if he would get drafted/ make a team. I really think Trimble will struggle. So many elite pg now he’d get demolished. I actually think I’d be more intersted in even yogi than melo. Neither will do anything though imo.


Damn they show the combine on tv right? I’m really pissed I missed it. I watched it last year and it was fun to watch. That being said after reading the article I’m a bit surprised. I like Jackson as I’ve said before. Also I really liked hamiltons game in college. He looked like a pro prospect as a frosh. I’m surprised Newman has struggled so much. Coming out of high school I thought he’d be a beast. Shame lots of good players out there who are making the wrong choice.


Nigel Hayes returning?

Or maybe not yet?


Mike Thorne Jr returning for a 6th year with the Illini.


I haven’t heard anything on the Kam Chatman transfer front. Any rumors about possible destinations?