Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)

I’d say he needs two and done talents. That seems to be our calling card. Burke and Stauskas were the catalysts in 2013 and 2014. Both were good as freshmen, and made huge leaps the next year.


Correct me if I’m wrong here. Burke stayed 2 years but he was projected as a first rounder after his freshmen year. He had one and done talent but chose to stay 2 years.

I don’t think he was projected as a first rounder, otherwise he definitely would’ve left after his freshman year. I think he was projected to be a late second round pick and if I remember correctly, Chad Ford had him in the 2nd round at the start of his sophomore season, but he just kept moving up draft boards as the season progressed.

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He was borderline end of 1rst/early 2nd.

That’s how I Remember it. He was seriously considering because he was getting advice that he would be a late first round pick.

Needless to say, JB’s most successful teams have had one and done talents on it. Getting them to stay 2 years is key. Anyone thinking we can get back to that level of success without them are pretty naive IMO.

Any news on another grad transfer

I think he was maybe a 50/50 bet to go in the first round if he left after his first year. And of course Nik probably would have gone undrafted after his freshman year.

I think our program will be at its best with two and done guys like Burke and Nik being the catalysts, and other guys who are likely to stay at least three years being the supporting cast (Tim, Caris, Glenn - who should have stayed an extra year).

We don’t have an approach to recruiting that will lend itself to continually getting and then immediately replacing one and done talents. And really, no program in the Big Ten operates that way either.


Recruiting needs to pick up in a big way if our program will be at its best with 2 and done talents wouldn’t you agree?

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Hard to say. As recruits, no one thought any of Trey, Nik or Glenn were two and done talents, and a guy like Caris was never considered a next level talent as a recruit either.

Cain, to me, seems like a next level talent. It also seems like we’re in good position for him. Simpson seems like a potential NBA player. Same with Poole. I’d say a core group of Simpson, Poole, Cain, and a Kyle Young would be pretty strong - add a couple talented 2018 kids to that mix and I think we could be quite good.

It’s not so much who you land on paper (see Chatman, Irvin, Walton), but how they play once they arrive. No one thinks Ibi Watson, for example, is that special, but then the same analysis would have applied to Levert in the spring of 2012. I liked the highlights I saw of Ibi in the Ohio all star game - had a solid handle, had a real easy catch and shoot motion from three (and made a lot of them). I think he could be a guy who surprises after a year or two in the program.


There you go with more ridiculous straw men arguments. No one expects a team of 13 five stars. How about getting more than one?

So far the only 5 star guy according to the 247 composite that JB has recruited was GRIII. McGary, Irvin and Chatman were close in the composite but only McGary played like it

If you can’t see that recruiting has gotten worse and not better since the NC run then I don’t know what more there is to say.


First of all, you need to distinguish between (1) not being able to recruit highly ranked players; and (2) those players not performing up to expectations.

We have two five star kids on the team (Irvin, Chatman), a couple more four stars (Wagner - Rivals’ main guy said he would have been the equivalent of a top 40 guy, Walton, Wilson, Donnal), and a few other, low ranked kids who have far outperformed their rankings (MAAR, Robinson). On paper, we have plenty of talent. If guys like Irvin, Chatman, and Walton had played like their predecessors (Tim, Glenn, Caris, Trey), this team would be just fine.

Yes, recruiting has been a bit disappointing since the title run. But your expectation is apparently that we should be landing multiple five star kids every year. Good luck with that. There are maybe 25 of those kids every year. Some portion are without question looking for money (UK, Kansas) or other benefits (think Louisville). Some simply want to go somewhere where they don’t have to attend class (see UNC, Syracuse). And some are legitimately recruitable, but we’ve lost out to Duke (Kennard) or another power (Booker).

I think we are now returning to our comfort zone - the top 50-150 - and I like the guys we’re getting (Simpson, Poole), and are after (Cain, Young). I believe we’re capable of winning big with those guys.


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Wonder if this means that his game and body just aren’t there yet. Pure speculation on my part.

And the rich get richer. This is one of the unlv guys I was campaigning belein pounce on. I think there’s still a few available. Go after good luck and Jackson Already.


MSU definitely needed another big. I’ll be curious to see how Carter performs. He tore his ACL in January, but that shouldn’t affect next season. He put up some pretty good stats at UNLV, but he didn’t play much at Oregon.

Would he be cool with playing the 5 here? That’s the only spot I would see Carter fitting on our roster. He’s not a jump shooter at all, so he wouldn’t be playing the four.

This would be the drawback to Carter. I think Bridges can be an elite small ball four man, better than he’ll be as a three and better than Carter would be as a 4.