Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


Unless that player plays at Michigan.

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does mcswain need to sit out a year or is he eligible immediately?


Juco transfer should be eligible right away



If he stays in that changes everything completely. The big ten as a whole has no favorite. Praying he stays in!


There is absolutely no reason Michigan shouldn’t be playing for a league championship in early March.


We have to avoid injuries - Irvin’s health is huge.


Blackmon and Hayes gone would shift the balance of power. I expect Blackmon to return and 60/40 that Hayes goes.


Good recap here.


Every team deals with injuries. IU lost Blackmon last year and didn’t skip a beat.


Comparing losing Blackmon to losing Caris, Spike, and having a hobbled Irvin are so different. Also, to Indiana’s credit, their roster had enough talent to endure losing a scorer. If they lost Ferrell or Bryant, though, it wouldve been such a different story.


Losing Blackmon IMO it was addition by subtraction. Not that he’s a bad player but they opened up the offense after he went down and really hummed along better. Pieces fitting, others stepping up, etc.



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I don’t buy that at all it’s an easy narrative to spout when they won the B1G. Blackmon was shooting 48% from the field, 46% behind the arc and grabbing 4 rebounds per game. To say it was addition by subtraction is foolish. In fact that game against UNC is a perfect example of why they missed him and Johnson.


I agree that IU was better without him. The ball moved better and more players got involved. They also started playing better defense.


Defense was key. Not only did they maintain the insane scoring by other guys stepping up, but Blackmon was easily their worst defensive player in the rotation.