Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


Plus, even if Davis had a breakout year, I’m sure Izzo thought he’d be able to browbeat Davis into returning for another year.


I’m not sure how to lay this out any clearer-- DD and his camp (which is very small- his mom, grandma, and high school coach Keith Guy) laid out a plan that was to stay at MState for 2 years. The feedback he got was too good to turn down. Really not that complicated of a situation.


You’re trying to reason with a RCMB poster. Godspeed.


Do you think Izzo would play DD more than 15 minutes in their loss to a 15 seed if he could do it over again?


Right. That’s clear as day. But you said he left because of the $$$ and good draft stock.

I’m saying, he knew beforehand his family’s financial situation, his potential draft stock, and the $$$ that would come. So what I’m saying is that it couldn’t have been that big of a curveball.

In other words, to make it clearer for you, I don’t buy that he was completely planning to stay for 2 years but then all of a sudden, money was thrown in his face and he decided to take care of his family.


Haha I don’t really care what you believe… I saw it was being discussed and figured you guys might want to know what went down. Carry on…


I believe CoachRP. It’s completely believable that that conversation happened. BUT. Izzo continuing to “bring him along slowly” doesn’t make sense. Davis was ready to play more college minutes…And it’s not really a question. Yeah he wasn’t perfect in his defensive rotations/decision making. But his athleticism and length more than made up for his mistakes. He had the second best defensive rating among their rotation players (just barely behind Costello). There’s no reason that Goins or Colby Wollenman should have been getting so many minutes over him, unless Izzo just doesn’t know what he was looking at, or was intentionally trying to keep him to his previously stated 2 years.


Hail do you remember watching that MSU game? Davis couldn’t guard a pick n roll if his life depended on it. He was pretty much a fouling machine or playing matador D it’s hard to play a guy 25-30 minutes when a player does that.


You’re saying it completely caught the family off guard that he would even be considered a Top 15 pick?
Lol ok…carry on…


Akeem Springs to Minnesota.


Milwaukee grad transfer Akeem Springs (@SpringsAkeem) has committed to Minnesota, he told ESPN. Immediately eligible for 16-17.


I don’t care how close you are to the sources. That story you just told does not make sense to me. I will stick to my narrative.


I can totally see what RP is saying. I thought DD was so raw that he’d be more late first rather than upper. It’s quite conceivable that the conversation was “sure you could probably go in the first round but considering we’ve got DV here now you can have less stress as a complimentary player and in year 2 you can be the focus of the team and play your way into a lottery pick”


But DD was not played as a complimentary player. Forbes and Costello were complimentary players. He played 19 minutes a game, was the second most efficient player offensively but was the 5th in terms of fg attempts (only 5.7 fg attempts a game). A lot of those field goal attempts came off of offensive rebounds… He was barely even a role player. Why? Many MSU fans found it strange too…


CoachRP was just telling us how good DD was by the end of the season. What gives? Is he wrong?


I took it to mean he has improved but still has warts in his game. When it comes to the NBA they love athletic bigs that can move. The NBA always thinks they can mold a young athletic big into a beast. If you’re guaranteed a top 15 you pretty much take it guaranteed to get 1.6 mil as a teenager or ride the buses and practice against college guys?


A fouling machine? He had 2 fouls in 15 minutes. He also had 10 points on 5-8 shooting, 3 boards, and 1 block. Compare that to Schilling who had 4 fouls in 13 minutes to go along with his 3 points and 3 boards. You could say that Schilling played marginally better defense when he wasn’t fouling someone, which he did every 3 minutes. But Schilling did absolutely nothing on offense. Same for Clark, Bess, Goins, and Wollenman.


I was talking about his 2.4 fouls per 18 mins of play during the year. Goins hurt his knee in the game and Clark/Bess transferred out and didn’t perform very well during the year. You’re also forgetting MSU trailed the whole 40 minutes. If a guy like Davis is getting destroyed constantly on the defensive end it’s hard to take the lead and actually win the game when for every basket Davis gets he gives up a couple on the other end.

They scored 81 points in the game I would say offense wasn’t the issue.


Davis averaged 4.9 fouls per 40 minutes. Schilling averaged 5.7 per 40. Clark averaged 6.6 per 40. Wollenman averaged 6.2 per 40. Goins averaged 4.8 per 40. Davis really was not that foul-prone, especially relative to the other guys who played the 4.

And your point about needing defense more than offense would have more merit if MTSU’s 4 wasn’t abusing everyone that Michigan State put on him.


I think Izzo and Coach Beilein’s handling of Davis and Wagner respectively are easy to negatively scrutinize from a distance, but the credibility of the scrutinization is negligible.


Ummm, yes.