Big Ten Roster Movement (Summer 2016)


Yes. He got one.


Even after this? Somehow I don’t think he’d do that. Not just because of this either.


They have Cassius Winston coming in…


source? where did u see thiis


We offered him as a transfer? Where did you see this?


I think he meant that he got an offer from high school NOT as a transfer


From high school. He’s going back to the west coast, probably USC.


DD and his family told Tom Izzo before his freshman season that their plan was to stay 2 years… his mother asked Izzo to coach him accordingly-- in other words, Izzo had her blessing to bring him along slowly. DD really wanted to stay in school but All the info from NBA people had him a guaranteed top 15 pick so he felt he couldn’t turn it down (he grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood so he is really happy to bring his mom and grandma out of there). Sorry this doesn’t fit your narrative but I know DD and his mother personally so I felt the need to tell the truth here.


So you believe that Izzo, at the expense of his team’s season, purposely brought Davis around slowly to fulfill a promise he made to Davis’s mother?


Just so I’m clear, did Davis and his family/mother think he could potentially be one-and-done but wanted to stay two years regardless? Do you think Izzo ever told them he had the potential to be a top 15 pick? I’m sure I’ve seen Davis a lot less than most people on this message board, but his combo of size and athleticism seemed elite to me. Don’t you think Izzo thought it might be a possibility early in the season, or even preseason, or even as he was being recruited? Could them telling Izzo “that their plan was to stay 2 years (and) to coach him accordingly” could be interpreted as “please expedite his development”, i.e. not your normal 4-year development plan for big men?


First of all, I don’t believe anything-- I know what I posted is fact. Straight from the horse’s mouth. And if you watched MSU at all, DD came around on the defenseive end (other than shot blocking) pretty slowly so it ended up working out perfectly IMO.


One and done wasn’t really considered until late in the season. DD was very raw coming out of HS (still is if we’re being honest) and 2 and done was thought to be best case scenario. And all parties involved knew DD wasn’t going to be a 4 year player. That was known up front.


I am surprised that DD is projected so high while Bryant is returning to school. With everybody testing the waters, it seems weird (to me, at least) that a player like Bryant would be so definite about returning. Is DD really a significantly more impressive prospect at this point?


Yep. DD’s athleticism is on another level in relation to Bryant. Personally, I think DD could have used one more year but his potential is through the roof. He has a decent mid range jumper that he didn’t really showcase too much last year.


It didn’t end up working out perfectly. MSU lost in the first round in one of the biggest tournament upsets of all time. Davis only played 15 minutes in that game.

And how was one-and-done not being considered until late in the season? He was getting lottery hype at least as early as December. Given the fact that next year’s draft is expected to be deeper, I don’t understand why all parties only started considering the one-and-done possibility late in the year.


I guess what I’m saying then, do you think Izzo thought that 2-and-done was best case? I mean the draft these days is mostly about potential, especially those teams in the lottery who are hoping for a big reward.


Yes, DD and family met with TI and the consensus was to shoot for 2 and done.


All of the Big Ten coaches would like to thank DD’s mom and Izzo for bringing him along so slowly.


Did you watch MSU early in the season? DD was nowhere near ready. Their preferred walk on 4 man was eating up a bunch of DD’s minutes because of poor defenseive rotations and things of that nature. He just wasn’t ready, and quite frankly probably still isn’t. Don’t blame him for taking the money though, especially taking into account his family situation.


And he had no idea he’d be a top draft pick before going to MSU?

I mean, this past season couldn’t have helped his draft stock any sitting the bench. Yet he’s still a Top 15?
So he had to of known that beforehand…right?