Big Ten Discussion


I believe it is a school policy thing. He’d be suspended from being on campus until 2020. Nothing really to do with athletics. Currently he’s suspended by the athletic department as well.


Sounds serious as well.


Waiting for St. Izzo to weigh in on all these injuries and the corresponding team’s practice habits.


…and then returning to his own practice to run the War Drill for the 437th time.


There are two B10 games tonight. What’s up with games on Friday? Is this just for this screwed up season or is it the new normal? I though the B10 was too classy to play games on Friday.


Wisconsin has three Friday B1G games and none on a Saturday. Evidently Bucky doesn’t roll on Shabbas.


Friday and Monday games are the new normal with the shorter schedule and the FOX deal.


He’s talking about slowing things down because he needs to limit possessions because they struggle so much on defense. So there’s that, too. They’re a mess.


1-1 last night. 8-3 on the year. Just one today: Minnesota -7.




oof. That probably eliminates them from the NCAAs definitively


Maryland and Minny, both probably top 5 B1G teams, losing some of their best players, is going to be bad for the conference’s numbers and perception.


Minnesota is a mess right now without Jordan Murphy (2 fls) and Coffey/Lynch. IU playing well on the road.


This would be a huge win for IU. A couple of days ago, this would have looked like a sure road loss.


Woof, awful 10 second violation by Indiana to lose the final possession in the half.


Comical understanding of time and situation there by IU down the stretch.


LOL at that Minny possession down 3 with 20 seconds left. Just terrible execution.


Dakich was right. Pitino needed to cal a TO on the possession. Bad coaching.


100% agree. And at the same time, terrible shot even without the timeout. Why was the big shooting a foot on the line three with 10 seconds left? Terrible awareness and poise.


Coffey news has left Minnesota in a real mess… Not to mention the Lynch situation. Ugly stuff and their season is in a tough spot now.

8-4 overall. OSU +8 at home vs. MSU. Maryland -8 at home vs Iowa.