Big Ten Discussion


4-1 tonight. Give me Purdue (-20) over Rutgers at home and Illinois (+8) at Minnesota tomorrow.


No go on the over ( obviously ) for me after McIntosh news.


1-1. Go with MSU -13.5 and Ohio State +1.5 tonight.


I like MSU too and I think most agree with you seeing as that line is now currently at 15 ha.

I’ll disagree on Ohio State though. Give me Iowa +1.5 tonight at home. Desperate team on their home court.

EDIT: Iowa is bad and I should feel bad for picking them.


Does OSU have a chance at making the tourney? I think they are actually pretty good. Holtman appears to be a good coach and Bates Diop is one of the best players in the league.

Hated the way we blew that game against them but I don’t think it’s a bad loss on paper. Just stunk that we blew a huge lead.


2-0 tonight. Up to 7-2 …

Going with the favorites on Friday: Wisconsin -1.5 at Rutgers and Penn State -6 vs Northwestern.


Yeah, as I said in the UM vs Iowa topic, I was surprised how lacking they were in the mismatches they’ve thrived on in past years. For years, they’ve had players like Uthoff who just are very hard to match up against. Against us, at least, it was Cox, and that was it.


Steve Pikiell always had pretty bad offenses at Stony Brook but it’s unbelievable to me that he has Rutgers sitting at 263rd nationally in AdjO this year. I mean that’s MEAC level badness right there…


I honestly think it’s Fran’s worst coaching job too. It was said in the preview and just jumps at you watching them more closely, they have absolutely no identity. You shake your head questioning what they’re doing at times.


One thing I don’t get is why he’s still trying to go at a high tempo despite the makeup of his team being incredibly limited athletically. Pushing it like they do can’t possibly be in their best interest IMO.

I really think Fran’s ceiling as a coach was the 2014-2016 stretch where he had three NCAA appearances and three seasons in kenpom’s top 25. He might have individual years where he makes the tourney, but I don’t see a consistent threat from him.


Agreed, it doesn’t make much sense at all. If you’re going to do it, at least have some strategy involved too. Some possessions, they’ll take pull up transition threes. They’re just playing fast to play fast, not to beat the defense.

Also agreed on his successful seasons. Unless he hits on a couple recruits who develop better than expected, I don’t see them repeating that three year run.


Anyone hear about the Reggie Lynch situation?


Hard to see how the team lets him play through an appeal in the current environment.


I’m from Minnesota. My buddies are freaking out about this but are on the same page of “Get this guy the hell out of here.” Unfortunate for a team with high expectations but seriously, anyone with the last name Pitino needs to run a program as clean as possible in my opinion.


I’m actually for a serious form of process and can’t stand the accusation = guilt way of thinking - this isn’t reflective of my politics, just my respect for fairness, but I just don’t see how Minnesota would be able to play him while he appeals and not get just hammered.


Based on what I’m reading, Pitino (and high ranking members in the AD) should be fired over this. It seems that Lynch was running away from an ensuing investigation at Illinois State and that there is a long line of people who have claimed to be sexually assaulted by Lynch while at Minnesota. And that the Minnesota AD has been aware of this for at least well over a year (and I would imagine right when he transferred as well).


Under the current environment it would be better to sit him pending completion of the process especially with the history he seems to have. This stuff is to volatile right now and I speak from experience as a college administrator who heads up investigations of this nature.


Crazy, who would have thought a Pitino would be involved in an off the court scandal so quickly?



Does anyone understand the reasoning behind a 2 year suspension? Are they going to bring a 25 year old Reggie Lynch back in 2020?