Big Ten Discussion


I’ll take MSU -8 and Iowa +8

#1844 always fun to give this a shot. Screenshot and post results.


Would love those brackets, considering that Purdue may be an easier mark for us and playing MSU in the final on a neutral court would be high drama.


Haha Dakich buzzer beater. That place is LOUD today



3 pts, 1 board, 2 assists to close out the half. Dakich minutes!


Ha the +/- had to be good too seeing they scored 8 points in 30 seconds there


Would I be being REALLY nasty if I said, “I have ‘no doubt’ Holtman wishes Andrew Dakich wasn’t on his team right now?” OK, just delete this comment Dylan, but I just couldn’t resist! :grinning:


they closed on a 12-0 run… so his +/- is probably the best on the team right now :wink:


Izzo is not a happy man. Not so easy playing on the road even if you are #1.


This is what OSU did to us. They just get on a run, feed off the crowd, and go CRAZY! Tough place to play! I just started watching the second half. My wife and I were having dinner. It’s 51-35 and my wife, a HUGE Michigan State fan, just told me she checked the score and said it’s getting worse. Wow!


I don’t think a banked three will change his mind much.


I sure am glad we got Livers instead of Kyle Young.


Hope we run extra defender at Ward when we play them. Completely lost against OSU double teams.


He has 3 points today. That is two bad games for him in his home state.

Bridges is 6 for 18.


MSU doesn’t have a bench. I bet that’ll come into play when the NCAA tournament arrives, and that they’ll lose the 2nd game of one the first two weekends.


They have a lot of bigs, but not much for guards.


I laugh hysterically every time I see Goins and Schilling on the court together with Miles Bridges playing the 3


Always great seeing Sparty lose, but this pretty much guarantees we get their best game later this week. Just like when NC got destroyed before playing us at home.


I rarely buy into these arguments (and don’t here either). Michigan State will be fired up because it is Michigan. Doesn’t matter one way or the other.