Big Ten Discussion


I have never seen a # 1 team as boneheaded as MSU.


State is barely up on savanah state and the lack of calls against MSU is absolutely criminal.


To an already struggling Northwestern.


Sunday game?


Welp, as you can see I am also on winter break with no bearing of what day it is.


Per NW release, Bryant McIntosh MRI found no major damage. He’s day-to-day. Would have been a crippling loss for Northwestern.


Been there, done that.


Looks like we lost our only vote in the latest AP poll.


Until we show we can finish off B1G games on the road, I’m not sure we really deserve to be ranked. See how we compete over the next few weeks at Iowa, at MSU, and at Nebraska, plus the home game versus Purdue. Those will shed more light on whether we deserve to be ranked, IMO.


In my opinion, 12-6 if they get a W tomorrow. 10/11 wins if they lose tomorrow.

I’m really nervous about the trip to Iowa. For how bad Iowa seems, we’re only a 2 point favorite and that place is never a good trip for Michigan.

I’m also anxious for tomorrow because a W can be a HUGE springboard for this team. Should be 3-1 heading into the Purdue and MSU games. Obviously much rather go into those 3-1 than 2-2 (or hopefully not 1-3). Beat Purdue at home and they’re off and running for a great league record. Even if you lose both to go to 3-3, a lot of Ws left out there. They’ll need a lot of those if they lose at Iowa and lose to both Purdue and MSU.


Some nice Big Ten games tonight… who do you guys like?


I’ll take the points with Indiana +5.5, Michigan -3. I do like Maryland -3.5 and Nebraska at +8.

Of the four, that Nebraska game seems like a lot of points.


Not picking spreads, but I like Indiana, Michigan, PSU, Nebraska. Michigan only road team I’m picking…


Indiana is on the road at Wisconsin (and hasn’t won there in a long time).


I just assumed second team listed was home. Switch that to the Badgers. Hoosiers have more quality wins this year. But also worse losses.


Yeah, I’m not sure why Brendan listed them like that. Just realized that Maryland and Northwestern are also at home and listed first.


I’m interested in the over in the M-Iowa and Nebraska-Northwestern tilts.


Now that they won @Iowa, I’m going with my 12-6 conference record prediction.

I honestly believe 13-5 is very probable if they win the next two. The schedule sets up well this year.

Main thing is win Saturday and A LOT less pressure to win that Purdue game at home.