Big Ten Discussion


Bama played a 1-2 zone with everything inside the paint. Gophers were basically passing along the perimeter and then settling for 15 foot jumpers. Isaiah Washington took a bunch of them. There was literally no where to cut. Gophers double teamed Sexton at all times but he scored a bit off of transition including a bunch of very deep 3’s. Not a position you want to be in as a coach. Have to remember the Gophers were handling the Tide pretty well when it was 5 on 5.


Funny, every team HS team I’ve ever known practices from time to time with less guys playing against more guys. I know mine did.


So we should roll out a triangle and 2 vs Minnesota? I imagine Bama hasn’t practiced a 1-2 zone, so we probably don’t need to spend time on it.

I’d love to see us rotate z, Eli, jaaron, Jordan, and ibi through the two spots “just go get the ball” and then tell Duncan, x, maar, and Matthews: “foot in the paint, don’t foul.”


Pitino dislike aside. Minny has a damn good roster assembled with a lot of high caliber players.

Probably second best B1G team right now.


Their main weakness right now is consistent shooting. Mason is a good shooter but he was out. Washington isn’t quite ready to be a knockdown shooter. Coffey and McBrayer are both decent shooters but aren’t going to shoot the lights out consistently. Jamir Harris, one of their freshmen, is probably their best shooter but is stuck behind a bunch of more experienced guys.


Glynn Watson Jr. is such a nice player.


Interesting one coming up for Ohio State against Butler. Decent win for OSU over Stanford and leaving the PK80 would be an accomplishment for them early on.


OSU going to overtime after leading by 15 with less than 4 minutes left is suboptimal.


Emotional win for the Butler guys against Holtmann. Complete meltdown for OSU. Man the big ten cannot catch a break right now


What a meltdown by Ohio State. LaVall Jordan and Butler come back from 15 down with 5:31 left to beat the Buckeyes in overtime.


Since I’m talking about college, how many college teams do you know that have a plan for 5 on 3 offense?


I’m hoping the Big Ten’s struggles continue for just one more game lol


Interested to see if Brooks can stay in front of Berry this coming Wednesday against NC.


It’s not so much about having a plan, the point is that 5 on 3 play is not a scenario guys have never seen. I’d bet the house that each of these guys have seen it during HS practice, so they have some experience with how to play as the 3 and how to play as the 5. I don’t know if college teams drill that scenario as well, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s part of a practice or two here or there. Doesn’t really matter as it’s likely something that’s been put in their basketball toolbox by either a HS or AAU coach. And you should know that the team with 5 can get better shots than chucking up 3’s. I’d imagine Dylan probably wants us to wrap this conversation up, so that’s the last I’ll say on this.


Msu hammering unc. Really not impressed with unc. Their half court offense is garbage if their bigs are not scoring inside. Berry and pinson are really good in the open court but really struggle to make plays one on one in the half court. Msu got away with playing a walkon on berry for awhile.

Not sure Michigan can handle their inside game and transition game but I feel better about michigans chances after watching the unc guards in the half court.


Dakich played 20 minutes. 2 pts., 1 assist, 3 turnovers.


I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I’m feeling terrible about that game now. Like we’re gonna get hammered by 30 terrible. NC looked very good two nights ago. Sparty played them tough and they came out bizarrely flat tonight. Their home crowd is going to be fired up to beat the other Michigan team like a drum. The Carolina team I saw two nights ago - I don’t think we can hold up against that size and raw talent on the road. Hope I’m wrong.


I am just hoping that we are competitive.


You could absolutely be right. Tonight was probably the worst game unc will play all year and they should be fired up next time out which will be against Michigan. Plus as I said, I’m not sure Michigan can hold up against the unc inside game.

However if Michigan can find a way to make the game a half court game and keep unc from dominating inside, I like michigans chances. At least I like them a lot more than I did before the season.


I’m not sure how Beilein could say no to playing Teske and Wagner at the same time after seeing that length makes UNC forget how to do anything on the basketball court.