Big Ten Discussion


Who would’ve thought we’d see Purdue-Arizona in the last place game of that tourney…


And Nebraska loses to UCF and OSU gets blasted by Gonzaga.


The Big Ten is 0-7 versus the Top 25.


Nebraska and osu will be horrible this year.


Damn that’s awful. What are the best wins for the big ten so far? I can’t think of any.


The Big Ten has a ridiculous 5 wins vs kenpom top 100 teams so far. The best is Minny’s win vs #32 Providence. Maryland has 2, vs #54 Butler and #80 Bucknell. Purdue has a solid win over #53 Marquette and Michigan has beaten #93 VCU. This has been one of the worst starts to a season I can remember for the Big Ten.


It’ll be interesting to see how the conference performs against the ACC next week. Here are the matchups:

Monday, Nov. 27
Maryland at Syracuse
Wisconsin at Virginia

Tuesday, Nov. 28
Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Louisville at Purdue
Florida State at Rutgers
Illinois at Wake Forest
Iowa at Virginia Tech

Wednesday, Nov. 29
Duke at Indiana
Miami at Minnesota
Boston College at Nebraska
Michigan at North Carolina
Penn State at NC State
Clemson at Ohio State

Thursday, Nov. 30
Notre Dame at Michigan State


Maryland loses to St. Bonaventure


Just watched that. What the hell is going on?



Cassius Winston with monster game as Sparty rolls over UCONN.

28 points - 4/5 from deep. 0 turnovers.


It’s going to hurt a lot watching Winston perform especially with our lack luster PG situation.


So uhh… the Alabama / Minnesota game. There was a brawl that resulted in Alabama only having 3 eligible players. They played the final 7 minutes of the game 5 on 3. They cut a double digit deficit to a 3 point game. Alabama literally ran a 1-2 zone defensively that didn’t even run out to shooters. Amir Coffey was catching the ball and holding it wide open on the wing for 10 seconds plus every possession. On the other end, Collin Sexton was carving up whatever Minnesota’s defensive plan was. Why Patino wouldn’t pressure 5 on 3 makes no sense. Hilarious yet awful look for the big ten once again haha


I started watching the Gopher-Bama game right after the ejections. Nate Mason was ejected for getting to verbal spat with Collin Sexton after he made Sexton fall down. It was fascinating. I’ve never seen anything like it. There have been numerous times I’ve seen 5 on 4 but not 5 on 3. It was a 7 minute two man up power play. Minnesota looked super tentative the whole time and then settled for 15 foot pull-ups instead of getting to the rim or taking inside-out 3’s.

Pitino was super frustrated but was happy to get the win. I wouldn’t have any idea how to approach the game in that scenario. It’ll look like a good win for the Big Ten down the road. Bama will be a tournament team. Big Ten needs any quality win it can get right now.


Please don’t think/assume that. The horrible showing by the conference is just an unmitigated bad thing. Some of these teams will be good and tough once they round into form. I think the conference is certainly down, but as horrible as Iowa looks, I’ll bet you they will turn into a tough out.

This is just really unfortunate. Teams are not what they will be in the first weeks - the results aren’t that predictive, but sadly for the conference they sure as hell count.


Someone needs to put the post ejection stretch up on YT as a service to humanity. The broadcasters should do it. Come on, everyone wants to see it. Everyone deserves to see it. So I’d like to sit down with it just on the basis of it being the most fascinating thing that’s happened in a while. The brief clips I saw, Minnesota was shooting 3 pointers while playing 5 against 3 which is pure insanity.


It’s not like hockey. No team in the country practices or plans for 5 on 3 situations.


It’s got to be on Pitino. He should have had them driving to the basket trying to pick up more fouls.


Imagine being such a bad coach that you can’t scheme up a defense to shut down a team with only 3 players, lmao


He could have double teamed two of the players on defense and used two man screens on offense.