Big Ten Discussion


Now they are dealing with expectations. Completely different mindset. It’ll be interesting to see how Collins and crew handle it.


Wonder how Donlin is liking it there now?


They’re giving up 78 points per game so far so apparently he hasn’t turned his defensive guru button on yet


Iowa loses 80-71 to Louisiana (Sun Belt) in the Caymans:

Looks like Iowa had a 9 minute stretch in which they scored 1 point. And the Ragin Cajuns only shot 24% from 3, so it could’ve been worse for the Hawkeyes.


Wisconsin has looked absolutely awful in the 10 minutes I’ve seen against Baylor. I don’t think I’ve seen an uglier offense from them in a long time.


Was about to post the same, they’re kinda like us in the sense that I expect their best b-ball in February, but I like our roster MUCH more than Wisky


Looks like they’ve played some scrappy ball to get back into it, but I feel like much of this comeback has been Baylor badness.


Now Iowa loses to SDSU. At this point it’s just bad for conference RPI and trying to get RPI wins for Michigan…


Makes me start thinking we have a chance to start 4-0 in the Big 10. The game at Iowa always took out to me as a likely loss.


Them losing Baer really hurts their depth.



Wisconsin starts 2-3 on the season after losing to UCLA


Iowa currently losing to UAB. Worst case start to the season for them.

Wisconsin has lost three in a row, but it was to three teams that would finish top 5 in the B1G, and they weren’t blown out. Team is still solid and they will probably start winning those types of games as the season wears on as they get more experience.


Purdue just lost against unranked Tennessee.

Man, most of the conference looks pretty bad to start the year beyond Sparty. They may roll through the regular season.


Based on recent history, they (MSU) are a safe bet to lose at least 3 conference games.
The conference doesn’t look bad just because teams aren’t undefeated.


I still like Purdue… Losing a neutral site game to a KenPom top-40 team isn’t the end of the world (or season).


Now Purdue loses to Western Kentucky who lost to Missouri State


What an awful showing for the big ten so far.


Dakich called Purdue a final four caliber team during the Maui broadcast.


Nojel eastern has been a giant disappointment. Would probably be at Michigan if he hadn’t insisted on being a PG.