Big Ten Discussion


Yup, if Izzo plays Winston, Langford, Bridges, and Jackson as much as he should and they can generate and hit 3s – and there are certainly reasons to like their chances – that will go a long way for them.


They just have to hope none of their wings ever get in foul trouble lol, the bench there is brutal.


Agreed. Their front court depth is incredible. Backcourt is a little rought. TumTum/Cassius and Langford/McQuaid is really all they have.


kenpom would’ve been exactly correct on our score if it wasn’t for that last three they hit (-:


Some really nice Big Ten games this week: MSU/Duke, Minnesota at Providence, Purdue at Marquette, Butler at Maryland, Creighton at Northwestern and Indiana at Seton Hall.


Speaking of Indiana, seeing that team get pounded by Indiana State warmed my cold, hateful heart.

I think of it as exhausting my leftover hate for Tom Crean.


Another big one… Xavier and Wisconsin. Should be a fun week.


Big win for Minnesota tonight at Providence, came back from a half time deficit. Jordan Murphy playing out of this world right now for the Gophers.


I thought I was higher on Purdue than most, but they are a 5 point road favorite against a pretty good Marquette team tonight. I guess Vegas is also a fan.


I think the computers are pretty high on Purdue too. It would be nice to the the Big Ten get some road victories early to boost the conference RPI.


Northwestern’s defense is getting lit up in the first half by Creighton right now.


Is NW overrated?
I thought they were good last year, but a little overrated.


Creighton looked good to me. It was a good game.


I wonder if the fact that NW is playing off campus will effect any home court advantage they may have had and student attendance.


No depth. Their starting five is high quality but they have gotten almost nothing from the backups so far


Creighton is legit. Very good, well coached team. Teams were closely matched.


Wisconsin is solid like always. Happy is really good, just not sure if there is enough scoring to be a top 4 Big Ten team. Just lost to a tough Xavier team at home.



Talk about a tough start to the season for Northwestern


Ouch. So much for preseason polls.