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Seems like a good choice. He’s done well at Butler in the three years he’s been the head coach. Limited track record but strong Midwestern ties. Wonder if LaVall would get a look at Butler in their soon to be search.


I was thinking I don’t love the big tens chances


Probably a good choice for them but will he move the needle for recruits?



Getting interesting…



Did Holtmann have any seasons at Butler without Stevens’ recruits, or would next year have been his first?


Holtmann was at Butler for 3 years, Miller was there the year before. So it has been 4 seasons since Stevens was at Butler.


Holtmann doesn’t worry me much. Solid but not spectacular. Archie Miller would have been the worst for us. This is meh.

Re: UNC - Johnson cleared to play immediately



Just to annoy our fan base I bet cohill goes to the bad guys now.


I really liked Cohill when I saw him, but since we haven’t really recruited him in a year, and have offered several others at his position, it won’t annoy me. They made a decision. They’re not perfect (see, e.g., Carlton Brundidge), but the staff’s evaluation of guards and how they fit into the system has been really good, including in situations where others didn’t want the guy (Albrecht, LeVert, Douglass and, to a lesser extent, Burke and Hardaway).


Yeah. It seems clear that the staff is not pursuing him. Fans often see things differently.


To me Cohill is like Quentin Goodin 2.0. Just not a good fit stylistically. Feel like we got the right PG in DeJulius.


Just got home from a week of vacation w/my family. Also, a week away from online, TV and all that. Heard on Thursday Matta had been discharged, which in my mind was basically what occurred.
Surprised? Yes.
Shocked? No.
This result was almost inevitable.
I would’ve loved to have seen Thad coach a team, with no expectations, to satisfaction in a return by Ohio State to the NCAAs.
On the other hand, I would’ve been sick to have watched the elements of pressure and resignation work on him negatively if his team just couldn’t make a go of it to return an overall quality program back to respectability.
Probability suggests it would’ve been the latter.
As I get up to speed on everything that’s occurred, I’ll check back in.

I like the hire of Chris Holtmann by Gene Smith. I’ve been told the press conference, though, where the announcement was made Matta was leaving was a tub of smelly goo and for that I despise how Smith handled it.


I wonder if Lavall Jordan may have done enough in the Horizon league tournament to prove he’s ready for Butler. His interviews sound like he’s ready to lead at the next level. He may be a long shot but certainly one of the up and coming coach’s…


The press conference seemed that way to me. I feel bad for Matta, especially if it’s ill health that took him out of form. I enjoyed watching his good teams.



This seems like a good idea, although it depends whether these two games are replacing guarantee games or the UCLA/Texas type home and homes. It would be nice to play more home and homes against the other teams in the conference and add more meaning to the conference championship. And it does seem like it’s getting harder to schedule the premier nonconference home and homes, although we’ve had some good ones so who knows.