Big Ten Discussion


Any chance the jumpman deal influenced us getting this matchup?


Northwestern at Georgia Tech
Duke at Indiana
Notre Dame at Michigan State
Miami at Minnesota
Penn State at NC State
Boston College at Nebraska
Michigan at North Carolina
Clemson at Ohio State
Louisville at Purdue
Florida State at Rutgers
Maryland at Syracuse
Wisconsin at Virginia
Iowa at Virginia Tech
Illinois at Wake Forest


I had a feeling this could happen after Bradley left. I 100% guarantee Wagner will murder whatever center we throw out there.


McDermott doesn’t worry me in the slightest really. But if that article is correct on huggy bear being interested that doesn’t make me happy. He’d be a problem for everyone at OSU.


Well at least we get to watch Cam Johnson (and Bamba) play next year. :neutral_face:


Apparently McDermott turned down the Buckeyes. I would chuckle but I’m worried they’ll wind up with someone better. Maybe he didn’t really have an offer and it was his agent’s leaks, although Gene Smith did fly out there.


I think he definitely was offered the job and turned them down. I don’t think he was the only one who has turned down the job either. It’s hard to pull coaches away from good situations and it being June has only exasperated that. Who knows who it will end up being. Holtmann from Butler and Williams from VT would be solid picks, but would they leave their current jobs? They might end up with Chris Jent.

Just a friendly reminder when Beilein does retire in 5 years or whatever it is, that we won’t have it so easy to just pick whoever the great name at that time is.


This looks like a schedule that could result in the Big Ten going 3-11.


I’m guessing Northwestern, MSU, and Minny will have somewhat easy wins.
I think Penn State will beat NC State
and I think Purdue being home might have a good shot vs Louisville.


I’m absolutely planning on attending the game at UNC. I’m assuming tickets will be pretty easy to get, especially with the Holiday weekend approaching.


Hey, if you see a guy with a Michigan hat in the student section it’s me.


I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure McDermott is a fine coach, but his track record is so meh besides when he had his amazing son.


Maybe you could do that thing where people sew two halves of each team’s hat together. That always looks cool.



Sounds good. Are there bars/hotels near the arena or campus?


Everything’s gonna be a 25-30 minute walk from the stadium at the farthest south point of campus to Franklin street at the northern point. Many bars and restaurants there (Do not go to “Timeout” if you don’t want to eat at a restaurant dedicated to Chris Webber) The only hotel on campus is a fancy, ritzy type place built long ago, but there’s a ton of stuff somewhat nearby.

If you want some suggestions when it’s getting close to the game feel free to PM me and I can try and help out.


Sounds like a plan. Win or lose I’m likely going to be kicked out of “Timeout” sometime after the game.


I’m in Raleigh so I will likely try and go as well. We lived in a Chapel Hill when my wife was in grad school at Duke and it’s a nice town.

When MSU came to Cameron you better believe we wore our Michigan shirts…


I was hoping we would match up with UNC. It will be a tough game no doubt but we haven’t played them since the title game in 93. We’ve only played them once in the regular season and that was in the 92 Rainbow Classic in Hawaii.

It will be cool to see us play in the Dean Dome and those two great uniforms. It will definitely bring back childhood memories when we seemed to play them in the tourney every year. Beating them in 89 after getting knocked out by UNC in 87 and 88 was awesome,.


My info will likely be very old but happy to make suggestions as well. You’ll be able to get a place along highways 54 or 15-501 without too much trouble which will be a close drive to the game.

Also the chicken biscuit with cheese at Timeout is pretty damn good…