Big Ten Discussion


As I’ve told several folks over the last few days, the best thing that happened to Xavier Tillman was Nick Ward breaking his hand. I don’t mean to be nasty in saying this but, really, Ward getting hurt has given Tillman the chance to really show what an immense talent he is.




Honestly still terrified of Iowa, probably irrationally.


I think it’s justified. We aren’t built to take advantage of their post weakness


Does anyone know if Michigan fell out of the top 10 at any point this season?


Is that how teams beat Iowa? Man, I watch them and see no weaknesses. Every starter can score, they’re good inside and outside, they’re deep, they’re great on the boards and, though I know the stats say otherwise, don’t look bad defensively. I’m utterly petrified.


Well, they didn’t start there. But once they entered, they haven’t fallen out (in the AP…they are currently 11 in the Coaches).


Iowa had lost 5/6 before Illinois.

3 by double digits.


Yeah I’m definitely not gonna go that far. They have tons of weaknesses, I just don’t think Michigan is a team to take advantage of them.


Michigan just can’t score and Iowa can absolutely score it. Plus Iowa is better suited to the 9:30 pm game time due to their acceptance of the central time zone. It’s curtains for certain.


Wait–are we talking about the same 10-10 Iowa team, that had 3 arguably lucky wins, and finished with 4 straight losses? We may lose to Iowa if we don’t show up, but it will likely be more about what we didn’t do than what they did do.


Michigan favored by 8 for all of you Iowa believers.


Like Dylan said on his podcast, a lot depends on the officiating. If we aren’t allowed to contest vertically and the refs call a tight game and we get in foul trouble, it means the bench is going to have to play a lot more minutes. Granted, DDJ and Castleton are better than when we last played Iowa, but the Hawkeyes have pretty good depth and a lot of upperclassmen. Could see a duplicate of the previous game.


Worrying is obviously some people’s idea of fun, but we are pretty strongly favored and should win this game. Looking forward to it!


Take Iowa and the points.


My feelings say take Iowa and the points. My methods say take Michigan.


Wesson picks up foul #2 7 minutes into the game. MSU’s D feeling Nick Ward’s presence already


4-0 team fouls, now 5-1 in favor of MSU. Effectively put OSU’s best 2 players out for the half on some weak calls. Unbelievable how this happens consistently with Izzo…


Izzo going hard on the refs but he hardly even gets a tech.