Big Ten Discussion


Cassius Winston. Plus the emergence of Xavier Tillman and two seniors who are pretty tough kids. But yeah, really amazing.


I hate to admit this, but I think Izzo deserves the COY over Painter. To win the championship with all that was lost from last year’s team plus injuries was truly amazing. Now, please excuse me while I go take a shower.


I still think it’s Painter because he took a 10-11 conference win team and won the title. Izzo took a 13-14 win team and won the title. I think MSU is much better than Purdue, but they also have more to work with IMO, even with the injuries. But I don’t think I would be surprised or disappointed if Izzo did win it.


Gotta be painter.


Izzo deserves credit, though it’s also a testament to how dominant Winston has been. He keeps delivering monster performances. I’ve been expecting him to come down to Earth but it hasn’t happened.


Awards announced in a couple hours – what do you all think?


I pretty much agree with all that. I would put Morgan on 1st team over Edwards (I guess I tried to pay more attention to positions), but if I had to move a guy from my 2nd team to 1st it would probably be Edwards.

Again, because I cared about positions, and and you have 3 centers on your all-defense team, McQuaid and Reaves deserve a look for All-Defense.


Good call on McQuaid.


My only thing is that Wisconsin finished with a better in-conference defense than us, so having 3 Wolverines to 1 Badger seems off. But am I gonna put Davidson on over Simpson? Nope. Seems like Reuvers and Iverson are their big guys after Happ. I feel like Reuvers has it easy because his size can swallow most 4’s. I have a very high opinion of Matthews formed from watching 30 games…maybe I’d have the same of Iverson if I watched him more?


Reuvers deserves some mention, too.




If X is the type that needs it, hopefully this fills up his motivation bucket for the weeks ahead.


Feel like his motivation bucket might have been overflowing on Saturday.


And Reaves gets DPOY while Mathews gets nothing, That is a joke!


Almost all coaches (really their support staff) and media just look at the counting stats – steals and blocks. That’s how the all-defense team is selected.

Fernando being on the team is the most egregious error, in my opinion.


That’s all fine and good but it doesn’t make it any less sad. Not that Charles needs extra motivation but I hope he’s healthy, and I hope he tears it up in Chicago!


Lamar Stevens had a true shooting percentage under 50%.

He’s not only “not first team all big ten”, he’s not very good.

At least Murphy puts the ball in the basket at a decent rate


I was looking up some stats while putting together who I thought should win these awards… Xavier Tillman’s defensive numbers are unreal. Per bballreference, he is 1st in the Big Ten in defensive win shares and 5th in the entire country. Just one stat, but pretty strong. His numbers across other statistical sites are similarly impressive.


I would imagine his 23 minutes a game was a severe limiting factor.