Big Ten Discussion


I’d be pretty nervous for Iowa just because that’s not a good matchup for Teske at all.

I like our chances against Purdue in a potential Semifinal game though.


I’ve been high on Iowa all year but this feels like their typical end of year Fran meltdown so I’m more optimistic about that matchup than I probably should be. Absolutely could see Illinois making it to Friday.

A good bracket for Michigan I feel as I like a Purdue matchup in the semis. Would rather have our bracket than State potentially looking at Indiana then Wisconsin/Maryland just to make it to the finals.


So MSU may play IU once again in the BTT.


What a wild finish to the Iowa/Nebraska game. Haven’t seen that much fight in Nebraska all year.


Also just a general point.

Harbaugh is known as a screamer or yeller or whatever. Yet until Michigan finally got a little vocal about the bullshit this season, the team seemed to be getting the a bunch of calls against them despite being known as a physical defense. He had to scale back the yelling because he was being watched/targeted.

Beilein of all people gets ejected this season.

And other coaches are chasing down refs, using language that would make a sailor cringe, and whine all game and benefit from it.

Just baffles me.


Baffles me as well. End of the Illinois game today and after a bad charge call against Illinois, Underwood calls timeout, chases down the ref is seen yelling no less than 3 times “you’re f***ing kidding me”. Somehow didn’t get a technical or ejected but Beilein did…


Final UM B1G regular season 3fg%

BEST - Iggy - .427
WORST - Simpson - .254

Of Simpson’s 18 makes, five came in one game.


Ohio State is a tournament team?


Smart play by 5th year Ethan Happ. You just cannot get frustrated and throw your shoulder at that point in the game.


Had Wisconsin -3.5 to finish off a 3 way parlay with the IU and PSU spreads earlier today. Absolutely brutal. They were up by 22 with 7 minutes left.


Damn, very brutal…BUT, still have a chance with OT


Wow, what in the world was that and Wisconsin then wins in OT.


How Michigan State’s Xavier Tillman totally blew up Michigan’s offense



Pretty wild stat.


Watching OSU and Nebraska seasons crumble with one starter out, just magnifies what MSU was able to accomplish with 2 of their 3 best players out for significant periods.


Ward isn’t one of MSUs 3 best players.


With Wesson, yes all day imo.


I had Wisconsin and Iowa. Normally I’d play Nebraska all day with that line but Iowa’s losing steak ( didn’t think they were that bad) coupled with miles and players giving up , I said “that’s a bad line they made”. I considered them rebounding for Senior night, but still they just had given up. Iowa was up 9 , no? With a minute to go? I was not a happy camper.

I’ve had three brutal wtf was that moments the last two weeks. Oh well. At least Wisconsin came through (cost me the under though).


Two starters and 2 of their top three scorers.

How that team persevered is really amazing.

Essentially a five man team rotation now.