Big Ten Discussion


Minnesota, why are you the way that you are?


Minny ball.


THANK YOU REFS we love you big ten refs as we have all year in this forum!!!


Just cracked two beers


Horrible call from the officials saves us


Ok, who is going to hit the half court heave for Purdue?


I would be raging so hard on a Purdue message board right now


Again, let’s play for the title on Saturday boys!!!


Thanks Carsen you chucking catapult!!


Title on the line Saturday!!


I thought they would call a foul on Coffey. That was uglier than some of those Michigan inbound attempts in the B1G tourney 2 yrs ago.


Sorry, I almost blew it for us by calling that one prematurely. My bad.


Me too! I should have known better with Minnesota!


Aaaaand Minnesota moneyline +200 hits. Wonderful night!

Now let’s get greedy and get a Northwestern win Saturday in the early slate to make this more fun.


We have our shot now. Carpe diem!!


Have UM-MSU ever played a final game for the BIG title? Not that I can remember.


Oh my gosh imagine Tom Izzo giving his senior night speech immediately after losing a conference title to his biggest rival on his home floor.


The title is on the line in primetime on ESPN against Sparty! Nothing will be sweater than winning this game!


BTW is there a counterfeit El Guapo?


Money well spent