Big Ten Discussion


I can only think of the BTT in 2014.


Another job-saving victory for Little Rickie?


Did Richard Pitino just tell the crowd he’s going to retire Jordan Murphy’s number?

The Jordan Murphy with 0 NCAA Tournament wins and a career 26-47 Big Ten record?


My wife retired mine; one of my proudest moments.


7-31 and 3-15. Who am I?

This is almost unbelievable.


Carsen Edwards … had he missed 2 fewer shots than he actually did tonight. (7 for 31 per ESPN)


Mister Edwards, come on down.


He’s the Wayne Fontes of Big Ten basketball. Rally at the end of the year to save his job.


I missed more shots than the rest of my team combined. Who am I?


I wonder if Painter feels the same about Edwards as many of us do…


Edwards now shooting 30.2% (57/189) from three in Big Ten games. :face_vomiting:


Chucking Catapult. PULL!


Seriously though if he’s such a high-miss chucker how are they 15-4? It boggles the mind


I’m very interested in the B1G title, but from a seeding standpoint I don’t think it’s that bad of a deal to get bracketed against Purdue rather than Wisconsin. A key development here is that Michigan and Michigan State wouldn’t play in the B1G tournament before the final.


my top priority is avoiding wisconsin. Anything else seeding in BTT is gravy.


I just saw Dylan tweet that. So State holds the tiebreaker over Purdue as well? Is that because they’d be 2-0 against us vs. 0-1, having split with Purdue?


Yep. Record vs the #3 team is the next tiebreaker


I hit minny money line too. Purdue has not impressed me lately. I could feel it coming tonight.


Are we sure that Edwards is a lock for First team All B1G? Especially in the coaches poll?