Big Ten Discussion


How can Edwards be automatic at the line yet miss SO MANY shots from all over the court?


Guys, relax - Richard Pitino is designing the inbound play. (Vomits repeatedly).


It’s tough to have to rely on Minnesota.


Coffey is blowing this at the FT line!


And THEN he hits the big 3, ughhh!


He takes really hard shots.


Coffee keeps leaning back on his FTs attempts and as a result keeps missing them.


This is infuriating


Oh dear fuck


This is not indisputable


Grasping defeat from the jaws of victory?


That’s definitely off his butt… MINNESOTA HAD A TIMEOUT.


This is happening…


What kind of inbound play is that?


So who hits the dagger three for Purdue here? Cline Eifert or Carsen


Don’t think it indisputably touches Coffey by any means. Cannot reverse that, IMO. Let’s see.


100% Cline game winner coming up wide open off a screen


Cline takes it but misses.


Calling put back deflection off Haarms forehead


That’s off Coffey. So, does Minnesota blow this by:
A. Wide open layup underneath and a foul
B. Foul on a 3-point shot
C. Wide open 3 pointer by Cline or Eifert
D. Steal by Minnesota, get fouled, miss both free throws, Edwards 3 from half court at the buzzer.