Big Ten Discussion


Good lord Cline. Going all Luke Hancock on us.


And Kline shoots them back in to it.


Purdue really does win in spite of Edwards.


Imagine if this Purdue squad had a Zavier Simpson finding all these guys open shots?




Who wants to win this one?


Minnesota such a poor ball handling team.


Cline is sooo annoying. All he can do is shoot and somehow he always finds open shots.


It’s insane how elite of a shooter he is when he spent years doing nothing on Purdue’s bench


Only bad at ball handling :wink:


He missed one!


Let’s play for the title on Saturday boys!!!


These are some weeeeeeak calls Cline and Edwards are getting down the stretch


That miss by Purdue might do it!!!


Saturday could not be bigger!


I can find more, that one just jumps out at me. They dribble into turnovers 30 feet from the rim.


Oh my god I am gonna lose my mind if Purdue ties or wins this in regulation


Oh no. Please god no.


Somebody get the fat lady singing.


Please don’t blow it Minny!