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Jordan Murphy is destroying Indiana right now.

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Indiana in trouble, might make the NIT.

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Correction might not!!

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The Hoosiers are a complete disaster right now. No clue how they won at Breslin.

Hope Minnesota is getting all those points out of their system.


Myles Dread hits two threes in the first two minutes at Purdue. Nittany Lions up 8-0 early.

Go Nittany!!

All I can say is go PSU!!! :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:


So much for missing Carsen Edwards after his second foul

Stevens miss prevented back door cover. Push.

In fact, 76-64 was the exact score predicted by KenPom.

That absolutely is an intentional foul on Bohannon. Total bullshit.


Holy shit. Second straight game that Iowa gets lucky as f— to win a game at the buzzer, this time on a total bullshit shot from the corner that somehow goes in off the backboard. Screw Iowa.


Rutgers has terrible luck - even at home. Can’t believe that final deflected pass went to a top shooter for Iowa.
EDIT: Looked like luck was finally going to turn Rutgers way.

My god. What a madhouse at KY (I know, this is not the thread. Rick Barnes wonders what hit him.

Early foul on Winston only two minutes in

I can’t believe those neon jerseys are actually a semi-regular thing for MSU.


My wife always (jokingly) asks when Oregon joined the big ten

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Uglllly half.

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