Big Ten Discussion

MSU struggles in half court continue. Everyone except Winston is basically good at one thing in half court and if you take that away they have no answer. Goins has nice 3 point shot from straight on anything else he’s welcome to shoot. Ahrens and McQuaid are good spot up shooters but struggle off the dribble. Henry is welcome to shoot anywhere outside 5 feet, ditto for Ward and Tillman.

Winston is tough. He does like going left but never ever shoots with his left. He’s coming back to his right hand it’s just a question of when.

I wish Michigan ran as hard in transition as MSU. State is as good as any team at running hard. Kudos to them.

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Love the chart but the dark colors are a little tough for me to read. My eyes aren’t good so this is probably my issue and not a chart issue

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This game looks like open run Saturday morning at the Y.

Terrible offensive flow and rhythm.

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That was one of the worst refereeing decisions you’ll ever see

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Makes up for the one in first half when Young knocked ball out of bounds but OSU kept possession

Wow, everyone on the ref hate train right now.

Luther Muhammad should burn this game tape. Horrible offensive performance.

All Kenny Goins does is shoot PNP threes and yet OSU keeps leaving him wide open.

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I would switch that action, but it is hard to switch it for a lot of teams because then your 4 man has to guard Cassius.


MSU hits 4 jump shots in a row to pretty much seal this one with the way OSU is playing on O

Good point. Winston isn’t super quick but he has some slyness to his dribble drive. Smart for MSU to put OSU in that predicament.

I would take that chance rather than let guys who can only shoot threes…shoot threes. Make Winston a finisher.

12 points in 25 second half possessions for OSU. Woof.


McQuaid and Ahrens 6/10 from 3; 1/7 from 2.

Ohio State imploded in the 2nd half. Missed tons of open looks and turned it over unforced time after time. That was a stealable game for them with the way MSU played


Man, OSU is bad. I see them still projected to the NCAA Tournament and I’m like, “What team are you watching?!” They’re about to be 4-8 since their high-water mark of 12-1.


OSU played offense in this second half like my 2nd/3rd grade team. Running with the ball. Just trying to plow through people. Passing before even looking at defenders. Absolutely awful

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This is similar to OSU game at Crisler. OSU severely limited team. They are no better than, maybe worse than Illinois and Rutgers.

MSU is king of the tight game blowout. Hard to believe at one time this was game tied at 39.

Their guard/wing play has been a bad all year.