Big Ten Discussion

That’s tough. From a purely statistical standpoint, the top guys are probably Murphy, Langford, Morgan, Palmer and Stevens, but their teams aren’t very good so it probably knocks them down a peg. Michigan doesn’t really have any players with stats to back up the first team. Maybe Tyler Cook as a combo of stats and quality of team?

I think I’d vote for Murphy. Might be one of those votes biased by career performance. He’s been putting in solid work up there for quite some time.

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Let’s hope for a blistering finish to the league season from Charles that puts him in the conversation.

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If Michigan wins it, there has to be somebody from there, correct? If Matthews can continue his play/make the Derek Walton leap then he could be an option. Jordan Murphy (like Nate Mason) could be a decent option but I see Minnesota starting fade here.

Didn’t Brad Underwood say Zavier Simpson was the league MVP? Would he even get some consideration?

If I had to pick a Michigan player, I’d rank them like:

  1. Simpson
  2. Teske
  3. Ignas
  4. Matthews
  5. Poole

That could change at any point though.


If we are talking all-B1G, that is media voted, correct?

There’s a team selected by the media and a team selected by the coaches.

Not that it means anything toward Big Ten accolades, but Iggy was named a late-season finalist for Naismith and Wooden awards. He would be my #1 choice from the team.

Confounding to have a team that is 22-3, might have three NBA early entrants, but also might have 0 all-conference players on it. Not sure I remember a similar situation in recent Big Ten history.

I could see the media and coaches teams differing on that 5th spot. I do think the 4 you identified are pretty locked in. But I could see X getting much more love from the coaches where somebody like Iggy or Matthews would get love from the media.

It makes sense when you consider that these awards are mostly based on scoring and not a player’s overall value to his team’s success.


Can someone explain why Rutgers is only getting 3.5 versus Iowa?

Michigan basketball’s offense is struggling. Here’s how to improve it

Iowa stinks on the road. Torvik has Iowa -4 so not a huge difference there.

Still that seems too small. It’s scaring me

Minny , Indiana. What do you think?

I’d go Minnesota at -3.5

That’s my thoughts but both those teams are so unpredictable .

Am I weird for thinking about nw money line?

Penn State got any magic left? Plus 12 and + 640 ML today vs Purdue. Any takers?