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Yeah, they’ve been bottom-tier for two straight seasons now. Don’t see that changing in '19-'20.


I’m LMAO! :rofl: Actually this was supposed to be in answer to JBmoney’s “Replacing Coach K” comment!





That’s the main point I meant to get at, it’s really time to question the program’s direction. This is a talented team he has that is massively underperforming because there’s zero semblance of team identity. I don’t know if that’s going to change with the direction given their current signees next season are a center (Pardon replacement), another 6’9" forward, and a 300-level PG, who I admittedly know nothing about, but his offers consist solely of low mid-majors. They also lose Pardon, Law, and Taylor. Perhaps they knew/know next season could be rough with a young team, but the composition of it as a whole is super shoddy in my eyes.


The fact that Chris Collins can’t find a PG is mind boggling to me. I just don’t think you can win consistently without a good point guard. He doesn’t have to be great, just good, and Collins has struggled to find one.


It’s surprising alright. I think their roster composition, while I like some of their pieces (Kopp, Nance, senior Turner) is the second-weakest in the Big Ten when you look at next year – behind Nebraska.



Northwestern being Northwestern. That was really sad, and although I know I couldn’t see it coming, I really felt like I could see it coming. Some teams find ways to win, and others seem to find ways to lose.

It really bothers me when teams get free timeouts (especially when they are out of timeouts, like Iowa was tonight) down the stretch due to replay reviews. I don’t know what the solution for that could be. DeCourcy suggested that players could be required to stay on the court, on the opposite side of the floor as the benches, during any review. That would seem, and look, so silly, but I can’t think of another possible solution.


It felt like Northwestern was going to choke anyways, but I had the same thought. To give Iowa a free timeout and the not change the clock was stupid. Its almost a reflex now for refs to check the monitor on any close/late situation. Is it worth interrupting the game to put on tenths of seconds? I vote no, unless its an egregious error


Me too. Looks like we’re riding the misery. Plus dude I finally rode Houston to victory yesterday…then fumbled it away by taking iowa


Tomorrow night’s B1G contests are tingle-inducing fun factories. Can MSU get back on track against surging Wisconsin? Is Purdue strong enough to go into Maryland and defeat the twin tower terps? Probably my favorite slate of conference games thus far.


Don’t forget can Michigan, after an emotional victory, avoid a letdown against a pesky Penn State team in Happy Valley?

(I think so.)


Exactly my concern, but one of the great things, and there are many great things, about Coach B is his ability to get his team to buy in to the fact that the next game on the schedule is the most important game on the schedule. One game at a time, one game at a time. You are everyone’s season maker, so be ready.


Oh yeah. ALL Michigan games are filled with compelling storylines and are of utmost importance. A truly great three-game card for B1G hoops fans.


I used “upmost” when I meant “utmost.” I have since edited my post and would like to apologize to anyone I offended. I apologize.


Heard Chris Holtman on Dan Dakich Show with interesting comment about calling a play at end of game. He said something like “plays in that situation, they don’t always, unless your Brad Stevens or John Beilein, they don’t always work like that”


According to what I’m seeing at VegasInsider, the road team is favored in each of tonight’s games:

  • Purdue -2 at Maryland
  • MSU -1 at Wisconsin
  • Michigan -6.5 at Penn State

Those who gamble, thoughts on these lines?


Plugging your nose and taking the home dog is usually a good strategy in February college hoops, right?


I was definitely surprised to see Purdue favored going into College Park. Looks like the Wisconsin/MSU line has gone back and forth all morning, wouldn’t be surprised if it settled on Wisconsin as a slight (-1) favorite.