Big Ten Discussion


Five points with :52! Three points with :27! NW ball.


Crunch time.


Really didn’t like that shot by Moss…but it went down


You could tell by the look in Turners eyes that he was going to miss that free throw.


Could this get any more tense?


Kicked balls are probably underutilized in late game situations. Very little downside.


Iowa looked flat all game until the last few minutes, now they can’t miss.


I was looking down at my laptop and missed the game winner


Can you believe it! As I said, Iowa by ten plus, yeah right? Bohannon just takes over and seriously wins it single handedly! I guess miracles can happen, but sometimes they don’t. This miracle came through for the Hawkeyes and NW’s was crushed! Iowa is fortunate to escape!


What an epic choke by Chris Collins & Co.




That finishing sequence was absurd. Great comeback for Iowa. For the better that they continue to win at home.

Chris Collins’ days might just be numbered at NW.


BQ thinks he’s safe basically no matter what. Northwestern is maybe the only job where that’s justified


Those Northwestern wins are each about to drop a quadrant in the NET.


They played very well for 35 minutes, but it looked like they didn’t practice against the pressure. They looked lost.


Oh I definitely agree he’ll be back next year at LEAST. I just meant that I don’t think he’s invincible and another season like this next year would be a bit more disastrous than what’s currently going on.


I can’t see Northwestern doing much better next season considering all they’re losing. I’d expect Collins to get one more try and then parachute back onto K’s staff.


Didn’t BQ say he was safe until 2022 or something like that? Seems a little extreme and he probably has earned some time but I think its fair to question how the program is trending. I think his point was that if they are a mid-tier B1G team that is good enough for them, but I’m not sure they are going to be a mid-tier team consistently.


They were listening to you Reegs! :smiley:


What happened to the talk of him replacing K???