Big Ten Discussion


Loyer with 0-2 from the floor with 2 fouls and 3 turnovers (team has 8 T/Os).


Rutgers and Illinois in a great game tied at 80 with 2:30 left.


Not against Purdue tonight. Sorry, but nope, not happenin’. :disappointed_relieved:


Nebraska’s sitaution is so dire, that they are running some late clock offense through Borchardt


Well, the Huskers have given it a shot but it looks like it’s slipping away.


Tuesday will be eventful and event full


and why BTW did Borchardt play so sparingly before the last couple of weeks. He plays smart and looks like he can play some. I’d take him backing up Teske.


Agreed. It’s been well documented that Purdue has a lighter schedule down the stretch, this seems like one we need Maryland to grab.

And it goes without saying that a UW win over MSU would be quite helpful as well. (Oops, I just said it.)


Watching the Iowa NW game. Another example of how crazy B1G basketball can be. Iowa down 8 with three minutes to play in the first half. You just have to come to play EVERY night. With that said, I fully expect Iowa to eventually win by 10 plus!


Now they are down 12 with 8:33 to play. Why couldn’t we get this Iowa?


I’m rooting against Northwestern / Rutgers / PSU / Illinois unless they play MSU/Purdue. Rooting hard for the B10 to get 10 teams in the tournament.

Stop blowing it Iowa!


Because they were playing Michigan, not Northwestern. We’d like to believe that these kids play every game like it’s the most important game of their season. But they don’t. And the coaches TRY to sell their kids on the notion of playing as hard as you can every game. But they’re human. It’s important to play every game as hard as you can both physically and emotionally. Or someone like NW just might trip you up. Or Indiana…am I right Michigan State? I know, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, let’s go into Happy Valley Tuesday night and play like it’s the most important game of the year…'cause it is! Go Blue!!!


Oh, my gosh, I just checked again! 14 points with 3:58 to play. This is going to happen! Is it too early to light up that cigar?

I’m sure Iowa is really trying to play hard. They’re giving their full effort right now, and I’m sure Fran is coaching his brains out, but it’s so hard to turn it on when, for whatever reason, you just weren’t as mentally and emotionally prepared as you should have been.

AND, for Northwestern, this IS the game of their season. Wow! NW is going to roll into Carver Hawkeye and do what we couldn’t do. College basketball. B1G basketball. Amazing!


Sometimes the allow open jump shots defense backfires.


NW better not start celebrating until they figure out how to get the ball across half court.

You are right about focus against lesser teams, which is what worries me about PSU on the road.


I told my wofe at halftime that Law was 5/6 from three and that he had only shot 15% from three in the previous eight games. She said how does that happen? I said, “Good question, but some of it has to do with the fact that Iowa doesn’t guard very well, and then a player gets hot and watch out!”

Down to nine points with 2:30. We’ll see. Can NW hang In there?


That pull-up by Bohannon. WOW


Like when you shoot 55% from the floor.


Bohannon is a GREAT shooter!


That was a Steph Curry ish shot. All arm!