Big Ten Discussion


Well I guess if they win out and win a BTT game there’s a chance.


They definitely need a lot of wins in games that will be difficult. If they do it, they’ll get in, but I’m thinking they won’t.


Yeah they’ll be out of it by the end of this three game stretch


I’m done with the Big 10 as far as betting is concerned. Last night I pulled the rare 0-4 with Ohio State, Indiana, South Dakota State and Central Florida.


They’ve been better this year and last season is hard to pin fully on him since Lynch was expelled midseason. The points you make about the lack of shooters is the biggest problem and it’s been that way since pretty much day one. I guess the guys you noted will help but those aren’t exactly eye-popping numbers at their previous schools. And it stands to reason their rebounding will take a step back when Murphy graduates.

I guess my main thought is I don’t think he is the guy to get them over the hump and into the NCAA Tournament on a near-consistent basis.


Yes, it seemed to be a “tourney saving” victory at the time, but their remaining schedule is daunting!

But that could be a good thing, too. If, somehow, they can beat teams as good as Purdue, Wiscy, and MSU at home or maybe two out of three of those games and perhaps two out of three of the road games you mentioned plus a game in the BTT, maybe, but they really need to win at least 5 of their final 8 B1G games and a game in the BTT.

I believe that would put them at 19-14 but with a losing record (9-11, 10-12 AFTER the BTT) in the league, albeit the toughest conference in America.

Would that be enough? I certainly think winning 6 out of the final 8 and winning a game in the BTT would put them in, but 5 out of 8, I don’t know. The question is, will they win 5 or 6 of their final eight. Now THAT is a good question.


OSU at Indiana on Sunday is a giant game in my eyes. IU needs that win BAD for any shot at an at-large berth and then probably have to win at Minnesota given the rest of their schedule. OSU winning at IU helps bolster the road record even if IU haven’t been great at home. They already have three Q1 wins, all on the road. They’ll need more, but that’s a solid start. Even if Nebraska has fallen off a cliff and Creighton is only hovering around 50.


I think that would definitely be enough. That’s what happens when you’re a strong conference. Hasn’t been the case recently in the B10 since it’s been mediocre.


Both Willis and Carr shot those percentages as freshmen getting solid minutes in another Power 5 conference. I would expect them to go up or stay around the same. Those numbers are certainly workable compared to what they are showing now with Coffey and McBrayer. I also think Curry makes a jump next year. Always think it takes 18 months to get back to where you were before the injury. Curry replaces Murphy with minutes but won’t completely match the production.

Another thing with the Gophers that fascinates me (I’m not from MN) is how high the expectations are every year. The only time they’ve ever really been good was when they were cheating.


I had ucf, should have learned my lesson when they almost covered temple the other night. I saw Houston was legit but I didn’t learn a lesson.


I agree. I’m done messing with Houston in conference play…I’m big on Michigan this morning though.


They also seem to have strangely lofty expectations for football, too. You’d think a place like Minnesota would be pretty loyal through thick and thin but their fanbase is really fairweather. In P.J. Fleck they hired one of the hottest coaching names in the country, and still their fans didn’t show up to games.


Minnesota fans are the worst. They constantly play the “woe is me” card when they’re terrible but the second they find any success they’re insufferable.


After their win at Wisconsin, I posted on reddit that they were probably the 8th or 9th best team in the B10 and a bunch of Minnesota fans went AT me. Then someone screenshotted it, posted it on twitter and then @'d me for some reason, lol.


What an idiot, Reegs, They’re clearly the 7TH BEST TEAM


The best was knowing a lot of Minnesota fans who actually thought they were going to get Tre Jones to stay home. They’d actually be pretty damn scary if they did!


I just bet on Illinois -6 over Rutgers at home. I have a problem.


Cassius Winston on the bench with 2 fouls with 10 minutes left in the first half and a huge lead. Could see extended Foster Loyer minutes for the first time


And he proceeds to finish the half with zero points, two assist, two turnovers, and two fouls


Can a reeling Nebraska pull an Indiana on our behalf?