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Not sure if Gard said anything but surprisingly it is starting to gain some traction. It’d be great if the media asks him about it and makes it visible. That forced Coach K to suspend Allen.

Someone made a good point too. That’s a Senior in Murphy. Could’ve not only ended his college career but cost him money, impacting his life.

More you think about it, more Gard needs to act or Davison needs a hard elbow to the face.


The fact that dirty stuff like this has been happening at Wisconsin for all these years makes me think it’s being encouraged by their coaching staff.


Looks like Ethan Happ was enjoying himself last night quite a bit too.


Maybe I’m naive but I’m not sure if that was a premeditated attempt to injure, to end a career. Not sure you can suspend him for what might have been and what might have been his intent.
Davison is definitely in search of contact on the floor and will go to the floor at the slightest contact. He missed an uncontested layup yesterday by jumping back in search of contact and a foul.
I fear Simpson may do something rash this Saturday when Davison starts his antics. Never seen X as angry as he was late in game in Madison after an excessive foul by Davison. I believe Davison will be a marked man Saturday. Simpson will be ready. I hope he keeps his composure


I believe it most definitely was an attempt to undercut Murphy, and the only reason you do that is with an intent to injure.

Is he trying to end his career? Absolutely not. If he broke his ankle though, career is over. That’s why that play is so dangerous in basketball, it can cause a serious injury. This is way beyond flopping.


Agree that it was definitely intended and you can see the same stuff like this with him and Grayson Allen. That is NOT a basketball move and there frankly is no reason to do it other than to cause injury. I guess maybe force a travel could be another motive?!? And I guess the more I think of it probably just to get under the opponents skin. But he has to know injury is a potential outcome unless he’s completely dense. I don’t think it is premeditated, per se, but it is becoming a habit, much like with Allen. They can’t seem to stop themselves. That is why it needs a consequence EVERY TIME it happens. Flagrant foul, suspension, or both. It’s dangerous.

Also, I don’t think Simpson would retaliate. I think he will simply outplay him.


It appears to be intentional. I can’t t think of any reason why he would scoot his leg out like that. There is no other explanation, imo.


Sooooooooo intentional. Watch the video, he sticks it out, looks to see where Murphy is, then sticks it out further so it’s right under where he will land. The “correction” there makes it pretty damn clear.

As someone who break broke my ankle in high school basketball after landing on a guy’s foot while going up for a rebound, yeah, it could’ve absolutely ended his senior year.


Just venting here…Izzo always seems to blame his player’s effort. I guess that is just his style of coaching but its getting old.


The B1G question of the day:
Will Kaleb Wesson ever learn that refs aren’t dumb enough to fall for a 300 pound man flying backwards in the post as if he got hit by a train? Picks up foul #4 with over 10 minutes left on a bad flop.

OSU in a battle against PSU at home, up 1 with 9 minutes left


Well he just picked up a flagrant 1 by falling down, so I guess it still works.


I learned my lesson. Never underestimate the ineptitude of college basketball officials.


Thought that last foul call on PSU after the missed lay-up should have been called a tie-up


The Big Ten is so balanced. I feel like their are only 2 national title contenders in the Michigan teams, but the next 7 or 8 teams fall somewhere in the 20-60 range. So many good not great teams that can win against almost anyone on their day. Penn State taking Purdue and OSU to the brink backs that, and Penn State is the worst team in the BIG.


Michigan is by far the best team in the B1G, and made shots just extend the growing gap.

League will be darn lucky to get 8 teams in tourney. No way do they get 10.


Yeah with Indiana and Nebraska on the outs, 8 seems like the cap but also the most likely number. Minnesota and OSU are probably the only teams at risk of dropping out.


Gopher fans should hope they miss the Tournament so they can fire Little Dicky and get a real coach in Minneapolis.


I thought most considered Indiana’s win at MSU as a tourney saving thing?


Yeah, but then they lost at home to Iowa last night. They currently have 10 losses and still have games against Purdue, Wisconsin, MSU, @Iowa, @Illinois, @Minnesota + a likely BTT loss. It may be hard for them to finish the season with less than 15 losses. And with 15 losses it will be tough to make the tourney.


I watch almost all of their games (my wife is a coach in the athletic department) and I think he’s developed a lot as a coach over the past three years. As far as X’s and O’s are concerned, he still isn’t as good as Beilein or Izzo but it’s much better than before.

What he needs to get is shooting. There isn’t enough space for his playmakers to make plays because no one is really consistent from 3. Coffey, McBrayer, and Washington all need space to work with and Kalschuer is the only one, at this point, to create it for them. Although, he has two solid shooters sitting out right now in Peyton Willis (35% at Vandy) and Marcus Carr (33% at Pitt).

I think his recruiting is up and down and a lot of it has to do with the turnover in his staff. He hasn’t done a great job in MN besides this last class. He doesn’t get out as much as he should (in my opinion) during the season in MN. I think he should have everyone on his staff out when they don’t have games. There is enough talent in the Twin Cities area that him and his staff can go see. Within the rules, even his Ops and Video Coordinator can get out within a 30 mile radius of campus. They could easily get out to 2020 studs Ben Carlson, Dawson Garcia, Jalen Suggs, and Dain Dainja every chance they can.