Big Ten Discussion


Just turned on Minnesota/Wisconsin and the first thing I see is Brad Davison flop to the floor.



4.7 seconds left in the first half and there have been four total fouls called; none on Wisconsin. :astonished:

EDIT: Minnesota put in a scrub to give one more foul. Minnesota ended up with five fouls. Wisconsin was called for zero fouls.


Well damn. I hope if Nebraska cans him he has a ton of success at a mid major.


Don’t care it’s a college kid, this kid is a piece of crap. I think he definitely knows what he’s doing here and that’s absolutely terrible:


I bet Colorado State would take him back.


Wisconsin has long been the kings of undercutting shooters. Davison is taking things to another level.


One of his former assistants is in his first year there.


Yeah, my comment was more tongue-in-cheek. If Miles is in fact shown the door someone in the mid-major ranks will scoop him up. He’s a good coach.


Dejulius is not ahead of where Loyer is as a frosh pg. neither coaching staff is looking to those guys in important minutes consistently.

I love the way Eli’s shot looks in the air, even if his percentage isn’t what you’d hope. He’s got to shoot the ball. If the coaches didn’t want him to shoot, he’s know. Anyone know how he’s shooting in practice?


The best point guard in the country!


DeJulius has no role–so he shouldn’t be part of the discussion. And because it appears that our offense runs decently when Brooks is in, he is much preferable to Loyer. But I’d take McQuaid (who is one of my least favorite opposing players)in a second over Brooks at the point. Because since inter-league play resumed in January, Brooks has 8 points in 10 games, is shooting 25% from the floor, and 0-6 on 3s. It is a weakness. A big one.


That Minnesota floor is so weird. It’s like someone colorized a black and white photo.


Don’t understand who thought that pleasantville court was a good idea.


Iggy needs to destroy Reuvers


Hopefully this gets more attention than I think it’s going to. That was a blatant attempt at trying to injure a player. There should be no place for that.


Any precedent for someone getting suspended after a play like that?

That’s pretty hardcore Bruce Bowen action.

I didn’t mind Wisconsin as a gritty, tough team, but “dirty” certainly seems to be a conclusion one would draw from watching the game tonight.

(Sup, finally pulled the trigger on a subscription as an impulse buy)


I absolutely love Minnesota’s court. To each his own I guess.


I’m with you. That warrants a suspension. Completely bush league and dangerous.

Unfortunately, I agree that it won’t get the attention it deserves. Which is terrible.


I wonder if that play was brought up in the post game press conference. At a certain point, Gard has to do something. And it has to be more than an “indefinite suspension” of one game like Coach K did to Grayson Allen.

There is absolutely no place for that in basketball.