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Simpson seems way more physically capable of enduring the grind than Winston. Even if X is exerting more on D. There is such a huge difference in X and Winston’s athleticism and physical conditioning.

I also agree that Poole really helps x takes some breaks when Poole is initiating the offense. It helps X a lot.


Whoa, that’s the Big Ten Player of the Year™ that you’re talking about


@Champions Would you take Matt McQuaid or Eli Brooks as Michigan’s backup PG?


Poole > Mcquaid
Brooks > Loyer


McQuaid > Brooks when Brooks plays alongside Simpson.

I do like Brooks on our team though.


Hard to compare. I’ve never seen Eli slap the floor so I’m not sure how apples to apples it would be.


I here innuendos about Winston not being in shape. What are these based on? He looks to be in fine shape to me. I can see his lack of athleticism but I’m not picking up on his obesity


8 games remain, hoping for 7-1, could be 6-2. This will be a battle to the end! Throw in the B1G tournament and UM will be battle tested going into the tourney. Fatigue is my biggest concern, hoping for a one seed, suggest a UMHOOPS section for round one in Columbus.

Dylan, any chance you get a block of tickets for the blog? LMAO!!

See you in AA Saturday!!

Go Blue!


He’s had issues with being “out of shape” since high school, but he played the entire game in high school as well so it might be more appearance than in practice. Didn’t look very in shape in that team-wide shirtless pic MSU did


If all they had to do was come in and give Simpson back up minutes, that is a close call, I would say it is a toss up.
Would you rather take Brooks or Loyer to back up your point guard?
But neither of these questions is really addressing my point, which is, Winston could get run down because they don’t have a reliable back up that they trust for more than a minute or two a game. McQuade is their best option, but with Langford out, he is needed elsewhere. And they sure didn’t recruit McQuade to run the point.


Simpson or Winston?


Winston has always looked sickly to me


Even Freshman Burke talked about how the grind of a full college basketball season took it’s toll…Winston is not obese but he does not appear to be near peak condition like Z, either.

It might become a bigger deal as the season comes to a close and at tournament time.

There are times when he looks like an arthritic middle aged man, imo.


Arthritic middle aged man. You just descrbed me! :sunglasses:


Nebraska down 8 at the half. Do they have any fight left in them?


Nope. 33 points with 8 mins left


Six straight loses for the Cornhuskers and they have Purdue next.
They score 45 points at home.


Hopefully you can still drop dimes like Winston.

Haha. I hope it does not sound like I am putting Winston down. I actually think it is damned impressive what Winston has done so far. I would not blame him if he falters a bit down the stretch. A lot is being asked of him.


Seems like Nebraska is mailing it in. If you’re the AD, do you fire Miles, or give him a break because of the Copeland injury?


They were already crumbling before the Copeland injury. Him being out for the season is just accelerating the implosion.

With how young they’re going to be next season I don’t see them being any better. This looks to be a good opportunity to cut bait and start over.