Big Ten Discussion


If true, UM would get BTT #1 seed due to tiebreaker. We’ll see.


I agree. My guess is Michigan goes on a nice little run here but loses the last two of the regular season @MD and @MSU. Purdue will lose 2 of the following 3: @MD, @nebaska, and @IU. Michigan State (@Michigan & @Wisconsin) and Wisconsin (@michigan & a stupid one somewhere else) both lose two as well to be one game behind in the final standings.

Wisconsin, to me, is the hardest to read. I could easily see Michigan this weekend as the last regular season loss for them, but I dont think that is really going to be telling of the quality of their team. They arent that good for a seven game winning streak but it is hard to peg where another loss will come from.


Michigan will be favored in every remaining game they play sans the finale at MSU. And that will be close.

Made shots cure all ills.


I think it’ll either be a pick 'em or the Terps will be slight favorites at their house.


Torvik projects Wiscy at 13-7 for what it’s worth. If they lose at UM that’s four losses, giving them a pretty slim margin to actually win it. But yeah, the overall scene is a lot different that it seemed a couple weeks ago.


Still a very realistic chance Michigan will be favored in all 20 of their conference games.

MSU and Maryland trending downward daily.


Possibly, but I doubt we ever had TWO 24 turnover games in the same season.

The next Moving Screen should be interesting.


The rest of the Big 10 is figuring out how to lock down Michigan State the same way they’ve figured out Charles Matthews.


Poor Winston. He might not have any legs left by the end of the season. He needs to play 38 minutes a game, and if teams hound him, they are not easy minutes.


FWIW… Simpson is playing more minutes in league games than Winston.



Kind of surprised Matthews isn’t on that list. Maybe the nights he gets in foul-trouble early brought down his average.


Michigan doesn’t run like MSU does. Huge difference in the KIND of minutes Simpson is getting compared to Winston.


Does an extra two possessions per game make that big of a difference in your eyes? I generally feel like a PG should be able to go 40 on any given night.

Simpson exerts significantly more energy on defense I’d argue.


He could have less possessions and I’d still argue their style of play takes more energy. He’s running more = taking away more energy.

Keep in mind, the way Michigan plays (energy on defense and offense) allows for Teske to play 30+ minutes. While that speaks to Teske’s great conditioning, it also shows Michigan’s style of play doesn’t kill your energy levels as much as a transition/running style. I don’t think energy on defense = energy on a running offense.


Simpson looks to be in better shape. More importantly, we have suitable backup options in Brooks, Poole and even DDJ. MSU’s best option is McQuade and that is less sustainable with Langford out.


Not so sure Brooks has been a suitable option. He seems to play as few minutes as possible, and more of those coming in the first half. Poole and Simpson are both playing extra minutes because of big drop off when Brooks is in game. Brooks needs to shoot with no fear, but he does not.

DDJ has been little to no option so far and if he were he’d supplant Brooks.

Poole is not a Pg.


I think it’d be an absolute disaster if we had to replace Simpson for an extended period.



My point is that Brooks or Poole or DDJ are more suitable options than any backup point guard that MSU has. Not saying that they are all stars.


I would agree. I would same the same for replacing Teske or even Livers (since he is the primary backup for 3 positions).