Big Ten Discussion


Feels like an MSU 2H spot to me…


Starting for c usa team means he would no doubt get minutes for nw


Can’t believe MSU shot higher percentage from 2 and 3 yet were still down. TOs are killing them.


Teske has to shoot that.


So then we draw up a play for him to have to rush a shot? Ok!


ugh, MSU recovering


Illinois falling apart…


Illinois has 0 perimeter defense. Yech! State caught up on 6/14 threes and 17/19 FTs. Damn.


Wow, Illinois up six after back-to-back threes. 1:52 to go.



3 losses in a row for MSU. 24 turnovers is not gonna cut it.


Winston finished with 8 assists and 9 turnovers


Yet somehow he’s a lock for 1st or 2nd team ahead of X…2 head to head games might fix that false perception.


Question? Last PG under JB with 9 TO’s in a game?


Winston being such a good shooter probably resonates more with the average voter.


Have we ever had 24 turnovers in a game under Beilein? Even 20?


I think it was Brendan Quinn dissing Cassius Winston’s D on Ayo’s two 3’s that pretty much sealed the game, but Izzo refused to bite. Saying he doesn’t do that stuff in losses.
Winston flat footed on both those plays was so noticeable. I just shook my head on the first one. Not a good look by Winston.


By “I don’t call out players in losses”, he means “I won’t give you the satisfaction of an answer right now.” He’s called out plenty of players in losses, lol.


(And Michigan has played the easiest schedule in the league and has the hardest remaining schedule)


I think Michigan and Purdue both lose two more and tie for the league title.