Big Ten Discussion


Bingo. A team that shoots 32% from three on the season is still going to make 10-20 threes instead of 6-of-20 sometimes. They also will make 4-of-20 sometimes probably too.


They should have lost to Nebraska honestly.


PSU wins at NW, Chris collins is not a good coach. Although he took nw to their first tourney and has really upped their recruiting it has become clear he is notva good x and o guy, especially offensively.


Iggy makes the Top 20 Wooden Award List for this point in the season. Only non-Duke freshman and one of four guys from the B1G (Happ, Winston, and Edwards). Good for him and hopefully he is bouncing back into some of the form that got him these accolades.


As someone that has been on Chris Collins is Not A Good Coach Island for a long time, I feel very vindicated these last two seasons


agree, I was in disbelief last year when some were throwing him out there as a potential Beilein successor


I feel like that is an island the size of Greenland.


Heh, for a while I thought I was taking crazy pills with my feeling of being unimpressed with Collins despite the NCAA Tournament berth in 2017. Now I’m the normal one! :smiley:


The size of Greenland, but also had the population of Greenland just last year. Not a lot of vacancies any more though.


As a fan of firing a lot of Big Ten coaches, how long can Collins ride Northwestern’s first ever NCAA tournament birth before fans start grumbling?

They have seemingly gotten worse then last years team, which was bad, and they lose Pardon, Law and Ryan Taylor after this year. This years freshman class is the best ever at Northwestern I believe but if they finish near the bottom of the Big Ten again next year he has to at least be on the hot seat if not out right fired right?


It’s too bad that 4 star point guard got denied at the last second, because they probably look quite different with a point guard on the roster.


Eh… maybe? Probably not.


Yeah, that conference-only ORtg of 86.0 with 36% on twos and 27% on threes is putrid. And that’s in Conference USA!


There’s no words for how gross that picture is,



haha, wow. MSU with 54% TO% thus far


bump that percentage up now


Duke is down 2 at the first half 2:23 mark to BC. Duke 1/12 from the line.
Edit: 1/15 from 3 now, not 1/12 from line. Down 2 at half. 3/4 from the line.


MSU shooting 57% from the floor and down 11 points. Winston has 7 turnovers.


Life is tougher when teams aren’t shooting 29% on open 3s