Big Ten Discussion


This might be Izzo’s best coaching job. Its amazing how good MSU is after losing two lottery picks. They might be a 1 seed.


Two bigs is soooo much of what they do…I just don’t know how they respond to our lineups this year other than bully ball…good luck with that


Nebraska just didn’t have the offensive punch tonight. They needed to make a 3 or stop shooting them.


That was a tough watch. Ugly game


I overstated the double digits but they must learn how to grind out good wins. I’m still on the fence with the team.


Yeah well your statement was closer to the quality of play that mine was. That’s the worst they’ve played at home in two years


Michigan and Michigan State are a combined 27-0 against all other Big ten teams besides each other since Michigan’s loss last year to Northwestern


Then we’re 29-0 and MSU 27-2 in all games.


Winning is difficult. I’m extremely impressed with both MSU and Michigan. If M comes away with a victory Saturday in Madison it will be all the more excellent in light of the previous 17 wins this year. Nary a stumble. That said I think there is a decent chance X and the boys earn a hard fought victory against the Badgers.


Last year at this time people were openly dreading having to play at Breslin and were debating how much we would get blown out by. I honestly think Michigan has their number and will continue to believe so until they prove us wrong.


I’m trying to find MSU’s first loss on their schedule. I really don’t see one until mid-February.


They do have a grind coming up with Maryland Monday, @ Iowa Thursday and @ Purdue Sunday. That is a tough stretch!

I think Maryland matches up well with them. Cowan is going to be tough for Winston and they can match the 2 bigs. Obviously would feel better if it were @ Maryland, but that isn’t a gimme home game.


I understand, thats why I said tonight… Nebraska was killing themselves more than Michigan st was winning the game.

If all things are even and both teams play their best game or say there was a 7 game series I have little doubt Michigan wins. State is a top 5 or 6 team but Michigan playing their best game is 1 or 2. Should be fun.


I think they will slip , the league is too tough right now night in night out. One off night and your finished.


Just want to add that McQuaid’s looking legit. Great defense (imagine saying that when he was a sophomore) and his shooting is back in form.


Force him off the three-point line and he becomes a terrible shooter. Only 37% inside the arc this season and a paltry 3-for-13 in conference play.

I have been impressed with his defense (yes, that is weird to say).


Eleven-for-nineteen from deep in conference play is killer though. Key is 100% to lock him down on the perimeter.


Yep, get up in his grill when he receives the ball outside the arc and do not leave him on a double!!


This Maryland team is starting to look pretty legit. I like watching them play.


Watching Northwestern vs Rutgers. I think Pete Nance is going to be really good. Maybe better than Castleton??? It will be interesting to watch over the course of their college careers.

Kopp is a nice player too.

Northwestern’s young guys are fortunate to get the opportunity to play. For sure Johns and Castleton would play. DeJulius might have been starting pg seeing as how they don’t have one.