Big Ten Discussion



Ya, not going to cut it.


Putrid offense by Nebraska in the last 3 minutes. Unnecessarily tough shots early in the clock.


Copeland’s jumper is so flat. He doesn’t put any arc on it.


James Palmer Jr stinks


Nebraska is 10-of-24 on dunks and layups.


Miles hasn’t taught his players how to hitback


Nebraska has blown many good chances. Two open back doors and shots at the rim you gotta have. Might be in trouble.


Nebraska’s had a pretty generous home whistle and MSU has 53 points in 35 minutes but they’re still losing.


Nebraska is brutal offensively


Game over…


Winston, dagger.


Definitely, they have had theee wide open back doors and turned it over every time. They can’t convert any easy looks too.


All that talk from Nebraska last season… Get a big conference home game and they wilt.


Credit to Michigan State for doing what it needs to do to win a big road game, but man it feels like this is more of Nebraska not doing the job offensively than anything.

At some point Nebraska/Miles needs to win a big game or else they will just be a nice team that springs an upset every once in a while


That said Michigan st doesn’t look like their in our league tonight. Good team but it’s been more Nebraska being terrible.


It’s a road game, we didn’t look like we were in their league after NW or pretty much any game in December


MSU’s wins at OSU & Nebraska are impressive. Izzo really has it working this year. Once he weeds out the talented players he knows how to coach.


15 straight missed three-pointers. I’m not even mad… In fact, I’m impressed!


LOL, Nebraska finally makes a three and it’s from like 30 feet out.