Big Ten Discussion


McBrayer, Murphy, and Stokman (seldom used backup big) are their only seniors. I wouldn’t be shocked if Coffey declared.



Id take MSU -2


I wouldn’t touch that game tonight. But I’ll be watching pulling like heck for the Huskers.


MSU TOs is a key stat too.


MSU by double digits until Nebraska proves they belong! I want to believe the buskers (not a typo) can ball but its been a lot of talk for nothing. Take the punch in the mouth and play!!


I’ll take Michigan State winning this game. I really think they are a top 5 caliber team. If they matched up against most other top tier teams they’d struggle talent wise but there are only a few of them. They beat 95% of the teams this year easy.


Roby reminds me so much of DJ Wilson in his mannerisms.


Someone gonna tell Glynn Watson that there’s a game going on? Cassius Winston just abused him in the first five minutes.


Nice coaching by Tim Miles to sit him down and then put him back in the game when Foster Loyer checks in :rofl:


If MSU plays 2 bigs against Michigan and Tillman is guarding Iggy… that’d be fun.


He heard ya Dylan


Nebraska is a different team at home. You always have to account for that. They haven’t lost there since December 2017 when Kansas beat them by one. I’ll be stunned if they lose by double digits


Nebraska’s crowd is amazing. I know it’s a big game against a top 10 team, but they bring it when they Nebraska isn’t very good and against lesser opponents, too. No history of success either.


I meant from injury, or is curry out the year?


I took Nebraska for what it’s worth, followed by Ohio st tomorrow.


Nebraska Offense completely uninspiring


Looks like a lot of Nebraska heroball going on those last few minutes.


Lazy, lazy last three minutes there by Nebraska.


Roby - Palmer - Watson are 5-21. Lot of tough attempts as well.