Big Ten Discussion


Of the two winless Big Ten teams playing tonight I definitely would have picked Illinois to break through. But a 23-point lead at the half? Did not see that coming.


“Penn State, kinda a tough place to play. Not because of the atmosphere, but because of the lack of atmosphere.”

Ouch, BTN halftime guy.


I love college hoops, but sometimes I wonder if my fandom could’ve survived if I’d somehow ended up at Penn State.

On the other hand, I’m sure if they got the right guy like, say, a young Beilein, who started winning, fans would start showing up.


Definitely the worst atmosphere in the Big Ten and I honestly don’t see that ever changing. Second fiddle sport in a small town in the middle of nowhere central Pennsylvania playing in a giant, sterile multipurpose facility. PSU really should go back to playing at Rec Hall.


I think if Penn State hired a good young coach, he wouldn’t stay long.


I shook my head as soon as Brendan ranked them fourth on the pod. Trusting Minnesota is a very futile exercise.


Illinois is going to hang 100 on Minnesota.


95-68 Final, Yikes!


I don’t like Pitino at all as a coach, but he gives a good presser.


Minnesota always melts away in the second half of the season, ever since Tubby Smith.


I watch Minnesota a lot (I live there). One of the hardest things to watch is how guys who are extremely talented like Coffey and/or Murphy don’t show up in certain games. Can’t win on the road with those two guys playing terribly.


With all the talent that Minnesota has they should not be blown out by a team like Illinois, regardless of game locale. That’s all on Pitino, Jr.


McBrayer, Kalscheur, Washington, Hurt, Stull… how talented exactly is Minnesota?

I get that Coffey is great and Murphy is a productive player, but having a team without anyone that can shoot the three doesn’t scream talented to me.


On the road, your upperclassmen need to set the tone because the younger guys don’t know any better. McBrayer, Coffey, and Murphy combined for 27 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, and 6 turnovers. That’s not cutting it.


After watching the U of M vs Illinois game, and listening afterwards to Brad Underwood, I felt a lot better for Illinois about their program than I have in a long while.

They seem to have some talent, and a plan, It also sounds like Brad Underwood gets the concept of developing his players. This result against Minnesota doesn’t surprise me at all, as it felt like Illinois was ready to somewhat put things together.

I’m glad M caught them before that happened…


Agree. Minnesota won’t be the last team to lose there this year.


If UI could get Ayo to come back:

Frazier, Ayo would be great backcourt. Williams and feliz also come back.

They really need Tevian jones to be a player. Losing EJ Liddell was a major blow.

Cockburn and Georgi should be a good center combo.


I like mcbrayer. Isn’t curry coming back too? I like the players just not Pitino.


So who’s taking MSU -2 at Nebraska tonight?


I’m taking the Huskers. We’ll see how Dylan’s rebounding concerns play out in a tough road venue for MSU.