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Figured Purdue would handle Rutgers at home, but 89-54?


Getting those efficiency margin stats right.


Anyone who has the UM Hoops basketball on their avatar is a subscriber.



I was unaware of that. Good to know


My hot take of the day is that Illinois and Penn State will both pick up their first January wins tonight (although considering their opponents are both only one point favorites on Kenpom perhaps it’s not that hot).


PSU is favored by two in Vegas. Bit of an odd spread.


Tyler Cook status is up in the air still I believe.

Think there will be a lot of “weird spreads” over the next week with some home/road spots.


Cook or no Cook, Penn State just blows offensively. They’re averaging less then 60 points a game in the B1G.

I’ll probably regret it, but I’m all over Iowa +2 tonight.


Lamar Stevens goes 1-7 and scores 2 first half points.
No problem PSU nets 45 anyway.

I saw that coming. Iowa +2.5 is doomed.



Adjusted defensive efficiency 80th this year compared to 242 last year. PSU Offense in the 300s.

All leads to 45 PSU first half points. I saw that coming.


You might be okay @chezaroo. Pat Chambers + co. might have your back.


Too funny Dylan. But 100% accurate.


Looks like it’s going down to the wire.


The Northwestern screamer transferred to Penn State after she was quieted by NW’s admins…


That camera shot that shows the section behind the PSU basket shows no one in the seats.


And that’s with a curtained off upper deck.


Cheers @chezaroo :beers:


It gets better! Took 6 units of the ML at +155 too!

Take it and run. Nice night for me.


Illinois 51 Minnesota 28 at the half. I think Dylan predicted an upset on the podcast. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: