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I find it far safer from a sanity perspective to do all of the following:

  1. Never underestimate a road game, particularly in the B1G
  2. Never underestimate the possibility of a perfect storm of bad things happening - e.g. bad shooting and 2 quick fouls on someone who you’d never expect.
  3. Never underestimate the basketball gods ability to allow banked in threes at the worst possible times.


If Northwestern had a PG, they would be really good. But they don’t. AJ Turner is a SF trying to play it with minimal success.


Northwestern is a long way from really good. More than just a PG.


I’ve noticed that Michigan fans give NW tons of respect. Probably has to do with us struggling against them a bit recently. I am not one of them, as I do not like Collins at all and think their tournament run was a mirage and I’m not impressed at all with their players outside of Law and Dererk a bit.


He got them to the tournament, so I think he deserves full credit for that. Even when it was a somewhat down conference season with Purdue being a good team and everybody else being somewhat average (we turned it on late that year, but we struggled for much of the season). He’s raised the talent level at N’W. They could be more talented top to bottom than they’ve ever been (granted, some of that talent are freshmen). But the rest of the conference is very good and he’s not a good enough coach to cope with it. I’d be curious how some coaches would be doing at their schools if this were the early to mid 2000s when the conference sucked.


His last name is turner? Not sure why I thought Taylor. Either way. I like that trio. I liked kopp a lot coming out of high school and he looked like he was getting some confidence.

It’s probably too late for them.

I still think Minnesota is a top 25 squad, know I’m in the minority there though.


They do have a Taylor: Ryan Taylor, grad transfer from Evansville (via Ohio U). AJ Turner is also a transfer, but of the traditional type (from Boston College).

Turner is a decent distributor (for a guy who isn’t a PG) but Taylor is basically Just A Shooter.


And no shame in forgetting one because they are both fairly forgettable players :slight_smile: Taylor hit a few threes vs. Michigan though.


Ok, I can’t remember turner for some reason. Was he the smaller white guy?


Think maybe you’re thinking of Ryan Greer? 6-2 freshman who hasn’t really done much in his limited minutes.

This is AJ Turner.


What tournament run?


A tournament run for Northwestern is anytime they make the tournament at all. So they’ve had 1 tournament run


We can agree to disagree.

I think all of Ponder, Law, and Taylor are pretty good players, Kopp is a good looking freshman, and Turner is a solid player. They just don’t have anyone to run the offense. You put McIntosh on this team and I think they’re an 8-9 seed type team. So I guess that’s not “really good,” but I think they would win 22-23 games and make the tourney.


Last year they had Scottie Lindsey (who was better than Turner or Taylor), Law, Skelly, and McIntosh. They still ran terrible offense and lost their last seven games of the season.

Even the year they made the NCAA Tourney they barely had a positive eff. margin (+2.5 pts per 100 poss), lost 6 of last 9 regular season games and were 12th in eFG% in the Big Ten.

Kopp might be a good player in time, but I wouldn’t say he has a huge ceiling and he’s shooting 39% on twos in Big Ten games.

If you give NW a replacement level PG (say CJ Jackson or something like that) I don’t think they are taking a leap.


Yea I looked him up. I must have really not been watching close enough, I don’t remember him running point.


See I really liked kopp, granted I watched only two or three videos but I dug his game.


Also I think state is out for Stewart. I can’t see them landing him. I kept thinking Washington has a really good shot from the jump and that noise is picking up. I’d much rather see that than duke.


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Trevion Williams. Another kid from Michigan just showing out. Turning out to be quite a Frosh.