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Wisconsin’s struggles all started the moment Davison decided to grab a players junk. I’m joking but serious.

Guess you can say they’ve been playing like junk since then ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Wisconsin creeping back…


Yep…the three ball brings them back


What I want to know is why is Michigan going to the Troll Center two games in a row?


Tie game. Wisconsin is pesky.


Kills me that Trimble finally left, but only after passing the speedy-head-flail for a foul to Cowan


#11 for Maryland just got schooled on that Davison trey.


Cowan has range from the parking lot.


“Davison never shies away from a good shot” declares the announcer after Davison bricks a heat check step back contested three in a one point game with a minute left lol.


Oof bad call against Davison IMO. Probably helped them though.


IMO if Wisconsin loses after this comeback, I don’t think it gets any more demoralizing than that. Play terrible, give yourself hope, take a lead, then still lose after struggling coming in.


Happ afraid to go to the basket


That was great design to get Reuvers wide open. Wonder if that slight hesitation threw off his timing. Had he shot in rhythm I bet he cans that shot.


Some bad defense twice on pick and pops from Reuvers. Not going to get looks as clean as those at the end of the game. Maryland is very lucky to pull that one out.


I thought the same thing


I can’t get over how deep the conference is right now. It’s a blood bath. Two elite teams, one team that appears to be top 15 worthy (to my surprise) and then a pack of teams that could all be top 25. Indiana , minny, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio st, Purdue, and Nebraska are all very tough.

Honestly I could see nw getting tough later. Law, pardon, and Taylor are all tough. If they can get something from Kopp, Gaines, and nance you got a squad.


Wisconsin has lost 3/4, INCLUDING two B1G home games already. We won there last season, and this TEAM we have is playing lights out.

Kohl Center be damned. Wisconsin is really not that great this season.

They desperately need the game, but do they really have the horses this year?

And it’s an 11:00 am start locally. Go Blue!


For me all rationalization and stats leading into a game won’t prevent a loss when M pulls off one of those 4/24 from 3 games.
Dylan thinks early and fouls on Teske will be prime cause for first L of season. I’ll throw my hat in ring with abysmal shooting performance as culprit.


This team is different than past teams though. They aren’t reliant on the three ball and they have multiple guys who can score the ball around the basket.

Examples of big ten games they have already won with poor three point shooting:
Illinois: 5/19
Indiana: 4/16
Penn State: 5/14
@Northwestern: 5/20