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I’d say they have the best “quantity” of players but not the best “quality”. For that reason, I still wouldn’t trust them against the upper echelon teams.


Two seasons too late on Chambers.


MSU is probably better than Michigan, which makes me sad. But I have no idea why they are



MSU is very good, but I still wonder if UM will be better able to stop what the Spartans do than vice versa. Also, hot take question – are they better without Langford?


Will be interesting to see them play a well coached disciplined team, that will negate their fast break and force them into half court sets.

Double down on Ward seems a given as a proven way to negate his impact. He’s not a great decision maker.


I had the take that they aren’t much different without Langford. The only thing he really brings to the table is his spot-up shooting. Everything else he does is a net negative, and they have other guys who can just sit outside and shoot.


It does seem that way sometimes, except that Langford is a 24% usage guy. That’d be the source of the hot take – better to have the other guys shoot jumpers and let Winston do the rest.

By the way, Winston is just a pleasure to watch on offense.


Ward and Winston both with 3 fouls. Winston playing through it. PSU’s only hope is to force Winston to get that 4th.


Winston with 6 turnovers today so far. Not his highlight reel game today. 1-4 from floor.


Ha, well, I wrote that at halftime, and since he’s had a bunch.


The best part is we’ll get to see soon enough! The difference will be one or two possessions. I’m glad they’re good, you have to play great teams to be great. Remember, UM will be a different team in 10 games.



Man, sometimes Izzo needs to remember he wasn’t good enough to play D1.


He’s a blowhard gnome


Michigan basketball’s punishing consistency keys record start


“it’s a purposeful way we recruit, to get a kid that’s gonna embrace this thing, that it’s all about the TEAM.”

Wojo: No. 2 Wolverines, No. 6 Spartans spreading a state of basketball madness


The rest of the teams on UM’s schedule are now mad that Northwestern left X wide open to shoot threes.

Now, they have one more thing to defend against.


When will Michigan lose its first game of the season?

  • @Wisconsin
  • @Indiana
  • @Iowa
  • Later in the season

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So “Never” isn’t an option? :wink: